Changes in life

For a few mths liao, felt tat he has changed... Nt like e one who I noe at first.. I duno y I feel tis way bt tis is e changes.. N he nv admit to changes in him towards mi... Isit bcos of e quarrels tat always had happen btween us??? Or is he hvin someone else out there which I duno n nv suspect? I reali dun like tis feelin cos his behaviour is somehw similar like Andre... E kind of sparks at first cease n it becomes worse until I find out abt him two timin mi... Al e symptons is jus e same as wat Andre did.. I m reali scare tat he wil b e 2nd Andre... Wat shd I do? Mayb I'm jus nt a flexible person in terms of relationship... Once he treat mi tis way, I wil expect him to treat mi e same tru out... Any changes wil onli make mi feel tat he lost e feelin or interest in mi.. Makes mi quite scare.. For sometime liao.. I duno y... Reali duno y... Hate to say tis bt if it is goin to b e same for v long, I reali hv to get myself ready for anythin tat will happen cos I dunwan to waste anymore time in relationship anymore.. Cos I'm nt young anymore for al tis.. I tink I hv to change.. Reali hv to change myself.. If he doesnt wan mi in future, I stil hv somethin worth to b loved by others.. I m reali scare.. N dun like it at al.....


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