Ladies Nite ~ 26 Nov 2008

Finally after so mani postponin of date, we met up. Went Vivocity... Seems like a regular plc for mi. Cos I always went there wit my guy.. Hmm.. Had a hard time decidin wat's for dinner... In e end, we set our mind at Barcelos... Order a family pack which is a full chic, slice into 4 portions... We shared among e 6 of us... N side dishes like corns, wedges, coleslaw. 1 last main dish, a twin chic skewer.. Nice nice.. comes wit some chips.. Yummy... Whole nite we r talkin abt pregnancy.. Cos one of my darlin jus giv birth.. Talk abt al sort of wife's tales... Hahaha... Nt bad rite. Laffin away e whole nite... Mit up wit them soon........

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