She's a sucker

Ok.. Again, I bang head wit her again.. Tis stupid VP of Admin in my company is a total sucker of fresh young balls....! In jus hrs, our ppl can bcome her ppl... Jus bcos of a small argument wit her in e mornin over coverin of her stupid INEFFICIENT receptionist's duty, she go n find our SVP aka BOTAK aka loves bein suck for help.. Askin him to let our relief to b under her so that she can deploy her as n when.. Mother F***KER! She win ok? I thot I can hv a helper to sort e filing out for mi to prepare for year end n next year ISO.. In e end, cos of of pettiness, she go find fault!!! Fine. Let her b ok!!!! My khakis can al c tat e SVP side e Finance, HR and Admin division.. Go ahead.. I wil fight al e way for it!!!! I make sure I find lots of prblm for Admin division. I wil make sure!!!!!! She sucks! She loves suckin balls...!!! Treat her to more balls! E bigger e beta cos her mouth is big enuff to contain 2 in 1 mouth.....


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