Sad :(

Just tis mornin, heard from one of my guy fren that he is gettin married end of Jan next yr... Huh? Sad sia... Y all my frens gettin married liao? Tis guy fren of mine is e softest of al e guys I know. Rem tat I know him when I was jus 14 or 15 yrs old at a CD shop at CCK. He is a poly student if I'm nt wrong tat time... Haha... Mi n my fren were hangin ard at the CD shop which we know e owner of the shop. He is workin jus few shops away... He happen to pass by the CD shop when e auntie (the CD shop owner) called him in... Haha.. Tats hw we know him... Rem tat time I was so shy... N my fren is doin al e talkin.. N he is friendly too... Hmm.. like him!!! Hee... Tat we gt mit up wit him once awhile. Look for him when we go to the CD shop... Hee.. years passed. We hv grown up... Hmm wonder hw is he... Though jus tis mornin sms him... He is a nurse by the way... Bt nw a hospital specialist... Hmm... He is reali a nice guy.. Shy guy too... He is Kunda's lookalike... Haha... Reali... Some angle lor.. Hee.. He is tall... 3 yrs older than me... So sad.. He is someone's husband to b liao.. Hmmm... Bt mayb I was stil young tat time. So nv thot of him bein another choice to choose frm... I onli concentrate on those ah beng bfs... Haiz... If I hv made a better choice, I wont end up like nw... I hate it so much..... Best wishes to my long time fren, Alan....


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