Tat's IT!!!!!

Ok peers. Shall tel u al another frustration on tat 'STUPID CLASS REP' in my class... Nth bt an asshole. Simply an ASSHOLE I can say. He gt no bloody gd thing to do bt to cause us in great dilemma. Bloody ass.! Today is one of our module presentation. Again, all the gimmicks he can tink of as usual. Guess wat? He stil ask our lecturer to let them in e class early by an hour to set up all his STUPID presentation. Again, food is e usual one. Always! Nv fail. So I make it a point tonite no dinner needed as I gt free one ma... *grinz* His presentation is a total sux! Guess hw he present himself in e slide show? His pics wit tat STUPID car. Suave, witty, charismatic, tis is hw he describe abt himself. Wat e hell is tis!!!! *puke* So disgusting!!! His skin nt onli tat colour, but thick! Real thick! Simply thick until e mosquito is simply nuts to suck his blood.!!! Damn it! Stupid lor... He like to use v tough, damn tough question to sabo ppl durin Q&A session.. Scumbag! To respect him as our class rep, pls ask him go hm n slp. No way!!! He is definitely high IQ bt his PR skills is total failure... No one likes him at all... I can describe as a living hell in my class.. We hv 1.5yrs to go. Pls let us pass tis period faster abit... I jus cant stand studyin wit someone like him in our class.. At first, I thot I wil met more friendly classmates in e class. There is bt wit him ard, it spoils everythin. OMG!!!! Jus bcos of him, everyone live in water deep fire hot (translate it to Chinese) situation. God, pls jus tell mi hw to tackle tis person b4 my graduation... Nutcase he is...!!!! Whoeva is his gf sure die under his hand... Damn! I do tink he is coward too at times. He will choose onli on the Fri module to scold al of us in the class, in front of our lecturer. Even our lecturer has to shut up n let him speak!!! Wat is tis? He dares to scold us in front of our Biz Law lecturer anot? Nv did he... Our BL lecturer is a lawyer... He knows al e law. Like him, though he is a police officer b4, I tink he onli knows SG law or criminal law.... I duno la... Whoeva he is, is nt my biz. Once e graduation ceremony in 2009, we wont c each other again. For tis kind of person, he is jus a 4 yrs classmate in SP. After we go separate ways, he is invisible if we are so unlucky to c him outside. I wont acknowlegde someone like him.. G.T.H wit him!!! God damn!