SHE Singapore event Schedule

Finally they are here... SHE is coming to Singapore to promote their latest album 'Play'. Best album... They nv fail to b the Taiwan's best gal group....

S.H.E 7月28日即將玩FUN新加坡!!
  1. S.H.E [PLAY] 慶功 FUN PARTY: The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo on 28 Jul 2007 at 8pm
  2. S.H.E [PLAY] FUN 天簽唱會地點: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza日期: 29-Jul-07 (Sun)時間: 2PM
Haha... the autograph session is jus so near my hse... Damn it... I will go... They are gd so I go... Dun care... Must get their autograph... For sure...
B there... if u like them!


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