Resolution 2015

Happy New Year to all my readers! It is now 2015 and I hope you people out there had a wonderful week and today is Friday! Woohoo... So I guess everything will be back to normal by next week. Sounds sad isn't it? At least for me. Sort of having that post-NY hangover, though I never drink. Anyway... every Dec of the year is fun of fun-filled activities plus getting bonuses/AWS a.k.a annual wage supplement a.k.a 13th month bonus.
So now I'm just gonna jot down my resolutions for 2015 and I hope I can actualize it rather than just jotting down and never fulfilled it. If not, resolutions become bullshits (actually to many, it is unnecessary). But then this will sort of like goals that you wanna achieve and yes, you don't just stop there (depending on what you want to achieve/do). Hence, make realistic resolutions. No harm. 


Hope for a Jubilee Baby! Okay... this one 随缘 (follow fate). Special right? This year Singapore is celebrating the 50 years of independence. You don't tell me to wait till 100 years of independence because I doubt I can live that long and also way too old for a baby. I will be 80+ by then...


Run a Full Marathon. I told myself that once I completed 5 half marathons, I shall go for a Full marathon. Already sign up for 2XU Compression Run 2015. Half marathon. Till now, I still haven't decide whether to sign up for Sundown Marathon 2015. Half also but still considering because is running in the night. 


Save my 1st bucket of gold. A little difficult but can try. If I achieve it, I shall continue with more bucket of gold. If not, then continue until I get my 1st bucket of gold.


Go for a family trip. Yes... this has been in mind for very long and since my dad is recovering from that operation, time to plan for a family trip. Probably after my bro's wedding in June 2015. 


Go for my honeymoon (although it's been long since we married). Still deciding whether to go for a beach honeymoon which is more relax, or a normal honeymoon where you just plan your itinerary and go everywhere like normal holidays aboard. Places are in mind for both options. At least I travel so that my blog has travel posts rather than just purely food posts. The last travel post probably was my graduation trip to Melbourne. I miss Melbourne.


Maintain a 50 kg weight and tone body shape. That's kind of hard when age catches up but no fear. I can do it. With the cooperation from le husband (he better don't be idiot).


Do Invisalign. Previously I went for consultation but then dropped the idea because 2014 was so tight especially 

Okay. That's all. Stop at my Lucky 7. Hope I can actualize the above 7 items. The more you have, the more you can't achieve. Because you lose the focus point.