Food Review | Ah Mei Cafe [Halal-Certified]

For those visiting Singapore, hello! Welcome to Singapore. And you must have heard about our local food and how some are superb yummylicious. Yes... pay a visit to our hawker/food centre or some cafes/restaurants that serves local dishes.

Came across Ah Mei Cafe many times esp when I'm at IMM. Always wanted to try but the husband think otherwise. Boo... And ironically, his contractor treated him for lunch at Ah Mei Cafe and he is impressed with their Nasi Briyani. Damn it! I want to try. But probably not the Briyani. Others in menu.

Ah Mei Cafe is conveniently located at Anchorpoint basement, opposite IKEA. Introduced by Banquet Holding Pte Ltd, it serves menus commonly known in hawker fest like Char Kuay Teow, Hor Fun, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice and many more. Most importantly, they are Halal-certified. With this, it enables our multiracial society to blend even closer and better. As you know, the 3 main races in Singapore are Chinese, Malays and Indians, we are able to enjoy each other's food culture easily and conveniently. Love it!

Finally settled down for a meal at Ah Mei Cafe and because it was kind of late like 8+ in the night, they are almost sold out for their food. So the husband decided to have their Nasi Briyani Curry Chicken and Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun for me. 

Left: Nasi Briyani Curry Chicken
Right: Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

From the looks of it, I find the rice portion just nice esp for us ladies but don't find it enough for guys. The husband commented that probably it depends on different outlets because compared to IMM and Anchorpoint outlet, he preferred the taste at the former. Not complaining that the latter's briyani taste is bad but it could be better. Everything is presented nicely and whatever is required in Nasi Briyani all in. Just the taste. Yes... individual taste bud. It could be good for you. So don't mind yea...

And so for my Hor Fun, the taste is quite authentic. The chilli is so spicy that I seriously can't deal with it. Mushrooms, shredded chicken and veggie, all in. With fried onion as garnishing, it tastes just as good as those you can find at hawker/food centre or even canteen (if you have one at workplace).

I will be back to any outlets of Ah Mei Cafe to try their Roti Prata, Murtabak and Nasi Lemak. In near future. 

They are at: 370 Alexandra Road, #B1-44 & 48 to 51, Anchorpoint, S159953

Visit Ah Mei Cafe website here.