Food Review | Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

I think Song Fa this Bak Kut Teh brand is quite common among us Singaporeans and not only they have outlets at old shophouses in Chinatown area but now at shopping mall too. Been to the one at New Bridge Road with my ex-colleagues when I'm working at Raffles Place. Not bad though I don't really know how to appreciate Bak Kut Teh except using the soup to cook noodles. Hey... it taste good you know. 

Here at Seletar Mall, 15 mins drive from my house, I settled for a Friday dinner with husband at Song Fa. No queue yet at 6+ in the evening but when we are seated, the queue formed from both sides of their outlet.

Top: We ordered each a bowl of Premium Loin Ribs. Superb tasty and peppery soup. And it is refillable for free. That's what they are famous for. Bak Kut Teh. I can't finished the ribs because too filled with the soup and our sides. Quite meaty and tender ribs. Slide off the bone easily and 'clean'. 

Bottom: Finally. I had some fresh dough fritters to dip in my soup. You peeps must have done the same like I do. Don't bluff. Haha... Ordered a medium one. The rest a small. Luckily because the taste is just mediocre. Just don't wanna be having the BKT purely. 

At times, you just wanna have something lighter, like their Sliced Pork and Fish plus a bowl of Mee Sua. 

You can see how old school their food outlet concept is. I like. You see vintage fan and radio display, wall arts and many more. That tells the number of years this food brand has been around. 

Tip(s): Share a big bowl of BKT with your friend (if only just the 2 of you). Order a dough fritters and 1 more side dish will do. Focus all on the BKT. Top with their Home Made Barley drink to quench your thirst, if needed.

I must say it is good indeed for their BKT although I seldom go for it. Reasonably priced. But if you ask whether worth to queue for it or not, I would say No. Anyway, you just gotta try if you haven't. Don't mind me anyway.

They are at: 33 Seng Kang West Avenue, The Seletar Mall, #01-39/40/41 S797653
Nearest LRT: Fernvale