Food Review | Sojap Neun Eobu

Ever since I left my previous company in 2011, Tanjong Pagar seems to change a lot and becoming more of a hipster area where cafeterias, restaurants, bars are sprouting, and of course we do see also opening and closing of these F&B outlets. 

That's beside the point. I only realized that one side of Tanjong Pagar Road is crowded with Korean restaurants, like almost the whole stretch of shophouses full of them. Yes... you do see one or two pubs/bars. Haven't really explore that area but is never too late to start. I call it (on my own) Korean street in Singapore.

Popped in Sojap Neun Eobu as there is no crowd (I actually dislike crowded places or needed to wait in the queue). Another reason is I wanted to have BBQ food. I love that very Korean way of having BBQ with that long smoke tube hood in the middle of the grill pan. This do help in lessen the BBQ smell on you but sometimes, not really.

One thing I probably love about Sojap Neun Eobu is that while serving up the raw food for your BBQ, they will cook for you on the spot and serve up on your plate. Okay, I forgive the fact that their menu is kind of pricey but actually you don't feel shortchange with their variety of side dishes included in the BBQ set.

Say hi to their tiny bowl of porridge topped with seaweed. I love such porridge because they are thick and not too watery type. Simple and savoury. You don't need too much ingredients in porridge to taste good. Fire, timing and seasoning are more important. At least for me.

Well marinated poultry makes BBQ-ing it tasty. Pardon a noobshit me. Placing green on the grill pan for the meat can actually lessen the chance of getting charred. 

It really takes some skills to have BBQ food that are not charred and taste juicy. Serve up on our plate by the Korean lady. Yes... I guess I'm having authentic Korean BBQ again. Just like the one at Chinatown Point which I did a review on. Read here.

Have your food in their way. Lessen the guilt if you are on diet. I do actually think that this is somehow a healthy way of having BBQ food. Why not?

This steamed egg is awe! I can't believe is included in our set of $49++ and certainly it is worthy. Near silky texture within and flavourful.

To end this post, we ordered in addition a plate of Korean Ricecake a.k.a TTeokbokki 떡볶이. Tender and chewy, that spiciness kicks in on the later part while you are chewing. Nice try. 

Of course this whole BBQ set includes kimchi, anchovies and so on. Worthy a try? For you to judge. But I will still love to try more such authentic Korean BBQ without flying over to Korea when I crave for one.

They are at:

Sojap Neun Eobu

58 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088479

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)