Food Review | Seasonal Salad Bar [Halal-Certified]

Under Onion Group (Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd), Seasonal Salad Bar had opened for business at One Kent Ridge for more than half a year and the reason why I didn't patronize their restaurant is due to pricey menu. And today, I decided to go ahead since my friend wanted to try. Finally someone is going with me.

Salad Bar

Free flow of salad, fruits, soup, ice cream, cakes and many more. Of course I will get only those I like without any sauce. I feel guilty if my salad has sauce, though tasteless. But I love it. Absorbing all the nutrients from my greens intake. A variety to choose from. That mushroom soup is my friend's and he said this is the type which his best friend like. You can find pieces of mushroom inside. That makes a mushroom soup worthy. Creamy texture and aromatic aftertaste. That's not all. The smiley potatoes are awesome! Love it so much that I had 2 servings with my friend. Probably shall grab a pack from supermarket if I ever see it. Yummy! The ice cream is damn creamy and sweet. I guess now I concluded that sorbet is what I preferred.

All from the Salad Bar
Smiley Potato
Vanilla Ice Cream

Main Course

Chicken Schnitzel $25.90
The chicken patty has this nice and soft texture. I don't fancy that layer of melted cheese on top so I scrape it away. Reminder. I love to have my food at its original first before deciding if I need any sauces to enhance the taste. And yes! I love the chips (fries). This is one of the many in my list of Favourite Fries type. Not very salty and superb potato-ish taste.

Spicy Chicken $25.90
I have no comment on this because it is my friend who is having it. He gave me a small slice to try and I find it nice though. The charred part is not an issue but it taste chewy with a little juicy. I can't find its spiciness though. Probably if you have one whole slice.

If you ask me whether I will go for my meal there again, maybe yes and no. Yes for their salad bar only. No for their pricey menu, though sometimes is worth once awhile.

NUH and NUS staff/student get 10% discount. Please show your staff/student card. Think is applicable at One Kent Ridge outlet.

Seasonal Salad Bar
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road
#04-18/19/20 One @ Kent Ridge
Singapore 119082

Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (Circle Line)