Food Review | Back for Dian Xiao Er

It has been long since I stepped in Dian Xiao Er and finally our dinner was settled at Vivocity outlet. 

All I have to say is the taste of all the 4 dishes we ordered remained just as good and still never fail to impress. Service is good and serves every dish promptly. They did some renovation and the layout was slightly different. But that doesn't matter. Good food taste is priority. Let my photos do the talking.

Prawn Balls w Chef’s Special Spices (New Dishes)
Prawn Balls w Chef’s Special Spices (New Dishes)
Xiao Er Fried Tofu (Healthier Choice)
Xiao Er Fried Tofu (Healthier Choice)
Baby Kai-Lan with Salted Fish & Lime (All-Time Favourite)
Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs (All-Time Favourite)

Visit them now. I recommend all the dishes above. My all-time favourite. Guilt-free meal, esp when you are on a health conscious diet, like me.

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