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I don't know what I want to blog about so I'm just gonna spam photos. Like it or not, just read/view if you want. 

One sunny Saturday morning, I decided to cook my own breakfast with whatever is available in the kitchen since the husband is heading out for work (and I don't need queue for his all-time fav beehoon mee). I think I find sausages so tasty that day maybe because I haven't had it for the longest time. 

I tried the recipe gotten from Facebook group. Supposed to be Crispy Pork Belly but the way I do has turned it into Char Siew instead without the red colouring. But definitely taste good. My husband loves it too, which means the marination recipe is good. More rooms for improvement.

Here's the recipe (I can't remember the person name but this recipe is not from me)

烧肉食谱 - Pork Belly Recipe (Airfryer Method)
750克猪腩 (Pork Belly)
1茶匙(teaspoon) garlic salt 
2茶匙(teaspoon) 五香粉
1茶匙(teaspoon) 胡椒粉

1。猪肉过热水 (blanch pork belly over hot boiling water)
      用叉之类的工具插无数洞在猪皮上, 越多洞越脆 (use fork-like tools to poke as many holes)
2。用以上粉类腌制猪肉 marinate the pork belly (不要弄到皮 do not touch on the skin) 
3。柠檬汁涂在猪皮 (spread lemon juice on pork skin), 撒上适量的盐 (sprinkle salt in moderation)
4。腌制隔夜 (leave it overnight in the fridge uncovered (放雪柜, 不关盖子, 让雪柜吸干皮上的水)
5。热炉, 180度烤20分钟, 200度烤15分钟

**烤的时候, 猪皮一定要干, 不然不脆

So sorry because I don't know how to really translate in proper though I can read and understand every single character.

Every weekend cooking just got to have vegetables. The husband loves vegetables and he can have as much as he can contain. So 5 months into marriage life, I have mastered the skill of vegetable cooking. I love adding mushrooms with vegetables. 

Right. Now is some random food shots from NUS Science Canteen. This is LOR MEE for breakfast. I love it. At $2, you get a fried dumpling on top of the usual ingredients.

This is my $6 pasta salad from Platypus Food Bar at NUS. This could be one of the success after changing twice the owner for this space. Eat clean, eat healthy is trending for awhile. Best choice though pricey.

Just wanna have something light. This Ban Mian at $2.50 (from $2.30) is just as good as before price increase. Yes a dumpling too.

Okay. Thanks for stopping by. Bye!