Food Review | Buffet Town @ Raffles City

Coming to Buffet Town, it is just another waste of money for me. I'm not a buffet person. Hahah... But never mind that. It is a gathering cum birthday celebration for my godson (his mum organized) thus once awhile is okay. 

Other than the seating capacity of 450, there is a mini playground for kids to play while adults enjoy their buffet spread in a slow yet enjoyable momentum. There are a variety of food stations that suits each and everyone's taste bud. You name it. Japanese food like sushi or sashimi. Seafood like crayfish or prawns. Italian food like pizza or spaghetti. Singapore local food like laksa or fried noodles. Enough say. Drool now!

Crayfish and more crayfish
Mixed variety of each food station (cooked food)
Pizza & Tempura
Salmon Belly

Oh yeah... my friend had plates and plates of crayfish. Worth the money.

What I like is their tempura prawns. Have it while it is steaming hot. It brings out the fresh and mild sweet of the prawns. The salmon belly was good. I'm not quite particular with salmon unlike my friend. To me, I just have it for the Omega 3 intake. Lol... The green bean soup was good, not so sweet and definitely ideal for those who needs detoxing. Lastly, the Yuzu and Mango sorbet were awesome and a must-try item for dessert. Like I mentioned in other food posts, I prefer sorbet than creamy ice cream because of their icy feel. Love you to the moon and back.

Overall, the buffet spread is quite decent and worthwhile if you know how to max out the price you paid for by having the right thing.

One last thing to note, do not waste food. You can have lots of serving but each round, take the portion that you think it is enough for you. If it isn't, go for another helping. No one will laugh at you because you paid for it. Do not take and not finishing it. Or probably share with your friends.

Latest update - 2nd Visit on 16 April 2016

Coincidentally, I had dinner with my ex-colleagues at the same place. So now at least I know what I will be expecting. Nothing much, yet again for me because is COOKED FOOD AGAIN!

The first thing first. Tuna Belly and Salmon, though I would prefer Salmon. Omega 3 source. Yumz

This Lok Lok is for only a period of time so do hop by Buffet Town for some dosage, if you love it.

Not savoury though a little hint of laksa taste exist. I think you should add some chilli. I don't because I thought it will be good on its own.

Not to miss their sorbet. Nice... that is why I love sorbet so much as compared to creamy ice cream. I had some of their cheng teng. Nice and warming the tummy.

Buffet Town
#B1-44E, Raffles City
Nearest MRT: City Hall

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