Culinary | Hungry Post!

Recently, I have got no mood to maintain this blog. Lots of draft. Probably I should just post more photos than telling grandmother's story. Let's start.


One day, I tried baking this choc chips but failed. Either I didn't mix well or I didn't handle the oven well. Boo... what on earth are those charred chips? 


Obvious about what I'm gonna cook right? Yes... Laksa on a weekend despite the terrible weather. 

Here is a pot of Laksa. Lots of ingredients right? So love my Happy Call pot. Can contain just for 2 of us to last at least lunch and dinner. Bravo.


One dinner on an evening of weekday. I totally run out of idea what to have for dinner. This shall solve it perfectly.


Guess what I'm cooking? Answer is.................................................................... Hokkien Mee. I posted on FB Group and was asked for the recipe. But actually we based on our impression of Hokkien Mee to whip up the dish. Others might use prawns heads to boil the soup but what we did was you dry small shrimps to do the soup (for cooking). 

So tasty but then 2 things to improve: more moist and also not to use frozen squids. Overall taste was BEST!


Used the pre-mix my SIL gave it to me but still, after many attempts in adjusting the temp, it failed. She encountered such problem too with this premix but no problem for others. 

Realize many poke holes right? Was testing if it is properly baked. But only the outer part is baked but not in the middle. Boo...


One weekend dinner. There are veggie, soup and meat. 

Documented again my cooking + 30% of my hub's cooking. Basically cooking at home during weekend is love. Enough of takeaway food for 5 days straight. Sometimes I do cook my own dinner on weekdays if I feel like it. My own dinner. Not including the hub's dinner. His is mainly takeaway. 

Stay tune for updates. Probably soon...