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This is a 2 weekends worth of cooking experience in my beloved kitchen. I added my own tips which to some, it may be a known thing already. Just in case for people like me who has zero knowledge and skills in cooking. These past 5 months of marriage life is a life-changing experience. I finally get the hang of cooking and soon, I'm gonna cook one meal for the parents. Probably during Chinese New Year. That's my wish to let my parents know that I have grown up and able to be just like my mum who can handle household chores and cooking by herself. Plus able to take care of myself and also my husband. They will be relieved for sure.


My husband taught me the basic of cooking porridge. Noob-shit me. Yes. So it is damn simple. Grind the rice grains and boil with lots of water. Pinch of salt. That's it. *Touchwood* So if he falls sick, I know how to settle his light meal days. This is our so-called brunch at home. Along with some spicy spam, cut into cubes.

I grind 1 cup of rice for this portion of porridge. It actually can last the 2 of us a breakfast and lunch. Also I know that I don't need oil to fry the spam. It produces so much of oil. Yes! Save my oil.

Fried Beehoon/Vermicelli

Is either the vermicelli is damn good or my cooking is good. Our dinner is fried beehoon, a one dish meal which is rather convenience for couples like us. I added some leftover spam from the morning's cooking, prawns, crabmeat and egg.

I soak the vermicelli till it soften but not soggy. And this time, I adopted using a tong to cook beehoon. And it really helps a lot and so much easier than using a Chinese turner.  

French Beans with Fishcake

This is one of the dish we had for dinner on a Sunday night. I simply love my french beans with fishcakes and small dry shrimps. Awesome. I never like vegetables but after 5 months of learning from the hub, I love vegetables esp when it is cooked by myself.

If you buy french beans a pack at NTUC, this is enough for one meal, for 2 pax.

Fried Rice

Happy Deepavali! A holiday in the mid week. So I decided again to cook a one dish meal. Fried rice. The husband wants long beans in the rice. So together with the leftover crabmeat (finally clear the last bit of crabmeat in the fridge) and 3 beaten eggs, I whipped up the fried rice for us two.

Stir-fry the ingredients separately. Then throw in the beaten eggs and rice. Seasoning process. Throw in the ingredients and done.

I like the colour combination. Got yellow from the egg, red from crabmeat and green from long bean. Like traffic light huh. So funny. But at least is tasty. The taste is not too heavy. I used sesame oil, fish sauce, pepper and a teaspoon of light soya sauce. Done.

This portion of rice is 1 cup for 1 meal. So if you are living with your spouse only (just 2), 1 cup is good to fill both of you up unless for big eaters. Once the rice is cooked, open up and stir it around in the rice cooker so that it won't stick to the pot. Unless you have a better rice cooker that doesn't stick.

Fried Noodles

Not sure if I have posted this previously but if I do, please pardon me cos I can't find which post I did in. This was like months ago. #throwback 

I used about 4-5 packs of instant noodles (not those with seasoning & diff flavours). Boil them and go thru cold water before I start cooking. The portion is like just nice for us 2. If 1 more pack, it will be too much.

So our dinner was fried noodles, along with omelette and airfry hashbrown. Plus soup. You know this is how you spend your weekend with husband who doesn't like to go out on weekends. That's good actually. 

Spring Roll

Went back to his house for dinner and they had DIY popiah. And I brought back some turnips and skins to wrap as spring rolls. 1 whole plate of spring rolls. Well done.

I fried it for teatime and can be for dinner too I guess. Use low fire to fry is awesome because the oil won't splash at me. No charred. Please don't mistaken as charred. It is far from crispy. Soft but juicy which I supposed (and sure) comes from the filling within.

Hong Kong Style Breakfast (almost there)

Husband wanted porridge for breakfast cum lunch (brunch) so as usual like the 1st time, I grind the rice grains, even further to make it powdery form. Boil it in the morning when I got home from market with my beehoon and fried fritters (youtiao). Almost there a Hong Kong style. I always watched HK drama and saw their breakfast which I find it interesting. Lack of orange juice. 

The difference we made for the porridge is adding minced garlic and onion on top of ginger from first attempt.

Fried fish

We have fish again. Marinate with five spices powder, garlic salt and abalone sauce. Put in the fridge for a day before frying it. It looks charred but all because of the marination. My friend said it looks dry when put on the kitchen towel. But after heating up again for awhile before tucking in, it was so tasty and a little juicy coming from within. Good meal indeed to end the Sunday.

Guess I shall do up my cooking post on fortnightly or probably once a month, just in case you peeps are bored. But then I consider myself about 70% food and 30% lifestyle blogger. So if you peeps are after food, mine should be one of the many food bloggers you all should consider. Hope so. Bye!