Food Review | CBD Food Trail (Series 1)

It has somehow became a usual hangout place for me and my friend. For convenience wise, it is really the best ever place to chill out with friends because in this area, obviously Boat Quay is just within reach with array of bars, pubs, restaurants to spend your night away after a hectic day at work. For 2 consecutive days, my girlfriend and I spent our short evenings drinking away and having sinful food at the same time. It didn't have to be like if not because I have to go for my pampering session at Hairloom, located inside The Arcade. Well... it is nothing but spending bucks and drowning ourselves in boozes. We once worked in this area but seldom did we spent so much time after work to chill out here. That's probably because we were both attached to our partners. Boo...

Their name tells it all that one needs to know what they offer: Beer, Brisket and Chicken Wings. Located behind Boat Quay (middle stretch of the 3 array of night spots), I love it when it is quieter on a Wednesday night (because it is away from those bars/pubs blasting music). Sitting down, having a good chat and abundance of laughter with your friends.

They have a variety of Craft beers to choose from. As usual, I will go for Happy Hour's variety which Corona is my pick (got no other choices for Happy Hour) and my lady had their Craft beer which taste smooth and light. Also their range of Mains and sides. Ordered their Sweet Potato Fries, Thick Cut Fries and a Mix of 3 different Chicken Wings flavour (basically using 3 different sauces). We didn't tried their brisket unfortunately. Probably one fine day, we shall be back for them. 

Their craft beer and Corona
Thick Cut Fries
My girlfriend finds it weird. Or not sure if she is feeling weird the whole day. Lol. But it just tastes good. Like I just have this penchant for anything fried and also crispy. Really love it. Or probably this one tastes a little truffle. But not really.

You can enjoy a mix of their wings of 6 in 3 different flavours. I personally love their Korean sauced wings. The struggle between sweet and sour. Love it. The wings are battered differently as compared to other crispy wings we had elsewhere. Not very thick yet not losing the minimal bits of crispiness, plus tender.

Sweet Potato Fries
This is recommended by their staff and well... I love it too. Sweetness overwhelms the potato-ish taste. Lightly salted, this fries is thin cut in size. For choices of finger food, I personally think that this will do good together with a beer on hand.

They are at: 31 Circular Road, Singapore 049387

I'm always visually attracted to their display of cakes and more cakes whenever I pop by there to grab some Korean instant noodles back home. It looks so picture perfect to me. It does make me feel like grabbing each and every one to try. But have to limit ourselves as this is our 2nd stop for the night. So we ordered 2 half pint Erdinger at $4.90 each, and Medzs Signature Rainbow Cake $6.90, Red Velvet Cake $5.90 and Mango & Passion Mousse $5.90.  

Rainbow Cake
That's their Signature Rainbow Cake. Nicely layered with different colours, it makes it so pretty that you won't want to even eat. Probably grab a case and put it for display then. I buy their pretty appearance instead. That's a winner.

Red Velvet Cake
I'm sold to this Red Velvet Cake. Totally. Finally after so long, I found my love with Tiramisu and now Red Velvet Cake. Imagine I'm not a cake person and usually just find them pretty in appearance. SOLD SOLD SOLD! I don't mind coming back for this or probably a takeaway too. *Hands down* The top cream cheese is best ever. At least for me. It actually complements the entire cake perfectly. Dose of sweetness.

Mango & Passion Mousse
I love Mousse though. This one here has a mix of sweet and sour taste. Love hate affair. It is superb creamy. You can find a variety of mousse cake out there. Chocolate flavour can be my next love, maybe. Oh I love their berries on top too. Fresh and sweet. 

Strange ladies going for beers to complement the cakes. We had Erdinger (not Kirin). The feeling is totally separated. Conclusion: Cakes can never be friends with Beers. But we had fulfilled that drinking task everytime we meet.

We went back there for the 2nd time in 2 days because of their $4.90 half pint of Erdinger. Oh well... when you are on a tight budget, that's how you minimize the damage.

Tortilla with Tomato Salsa
I'm easy when it comes to Tortilla and I can munch down 1 whole pack on my own in probably few hours. Can do away with the salsa though it minimizes the guilt of having sin again while on diet. Damn it.

A Tapas platter
I guess we seen quite a bit of orders for this platter which you get to choose 4 of them out of the tapas varieties. Seems quite a good deal. Does having this made beer drinking less weird/strange? Yes it does. I specially love their pork belly. Tender and crispy. That's how pork belly should be done. Complement with some sauced peas underneath them. And their salmon was good. And yes! Again, I found new love for smoked salmon. Winner! The rest like their wings and drumlets, meatballs are quite decent. 

They are at: 24 Raffles Place, #01-01 Clifford Centre, S 048621

Shall be back for more. Bye!