The Missus

The little red dot witnesses yet another reunion of a man and woman on 19 March 2014. They are now the husband and the wife. Yes... is me and my man aka husband (no more 'to-be' but confirmed already).

I married this man of 6 years like finally and the courtship is over. Embarked on the next stage in life, living together, loving each other till death do us apart.

Well... At the very last minute the day before my ROM day, went shopping for wedding stuff and dowry with my mum and then all of sudden, cheong sam dress pop into my mind. And I know I can get it at Chinatown. So yes... this is the one! Finally get to dress myself in cheong sam and looks flattering on me! Sorry for being thick-skinned but then I find the above photo so nice that I used it as cover photo on my FB. The dress cost me $49. The pearl necklace I borrow from my mum. Make-up is mainly foundation and blusher. Yes I finally found the right blusher colour for my skin and I'm loving it every bits. Hairdo at the neighbourhood salon for $25. How blessed I can be on my important day! Photos taken by my one and only brother who is also quite a bit into photography. 

So he is the one. He may not be the best guy in the world but in my heart, he is one and irreplaceable. 

My family and him. 

His family and me. That's all from his family. On our wedding day, mostly are my family side. Wahahah... 

From both sides.

With the solemniser. Yes... We are husband and wife. Damn it! Finally this moment is over. Thanks to me for taking my own sweet time to get our wedding done. Now rush like hell because the flat is already taken over by us and everything has to be done in 5 months. Bravo. Let me share with you how I prep for my wedding in 5 months than those who take a year or so to do it. I think I'm quite awesome. Better than having a wedding planner! 

So this is us. Got all the blessings from my friends and I hope my readers too. Don't curse the looks of me being ugly or whatsoever. I'm born this way. This is the best I look than normal days. 

Now I just need to print wedding cards and order wedding cakes. Other than that, almost in place. Fully paid by us. No single sponsorship at all! Thank you. I'm good on my own. So blessed. Luckily. If not wait till my wedding day also no have. I'm not those top bloggers anyway.

More updates. Stay tune. Bye!