Travelogue | Heart of Ryukyu (Okinawa) 3

As usual. If you haven't, do now!

*Updated with more photos

I simply can't remember the sequence of the itinerary thus I shall just post! Hehehe...

We stay at Mercure Okinawa Naha from 2nd night onwards. And I recommend this hotel because monorail station is just outside. Family Mart is just beside the hotel. Superb convenience. And Okinawa Monorail is not as complicated as Tokyo because only 15 stations. From the station of Mercure which is Tsubogawa Mono Rail station, 4 stops away from Naha Domestic/International Airport. #Must-Stay-Hotel

Inside Family Mart, I look at their wide range of ice creams. OMG! It is heaven whenever you are in Japan. So many different types which is way better than the choices we have in Singapore. Despite the cold weather, I just have it. Share the chill with my guy.

Lift lobby at Level 4. That's the floor I stay. 

Here's a glimpse of our room. Small but good enough. At least there is window to look out to and also bathtub. 

One thing about having breakfast at Mercure is that you have to queue up (when there is a whole chunk of people) because the cafe is damn small. I seriously think it cannot accommodate 100+ people at a go. Try your luck I guess. The breakfast hours from 6.30 am - 10 am (Japan time).

That's breakfast. OMG! I don't know why but again, when I saw noodles I go crazy! I was kind of like disappointed when the noodles are finished and waited patiently for it to be refilled. Another thing is that we are given a card that states 'This seat is in use now' to ensure that we have a place for breakfast. Luckily for that. If not, you know the Singaporean way of 'chop' seats: tissue packs. Hahaha... Now more advance. Whatever you have on hand like brolly, cards, your purchase and etc. For me, I like to 'chop' the seat using the physical me. 

Outside view of the hotel. Quite nice right? See on your left there is a lady walking on the path? That's our Okinawa tour coordinator. A Japanese. Heard that this might be her last tour before flying over to Taiwan and get married to a Taiwanese. So blessed. She speaks not just Japanese but Chinese and English too. Quite fluent okay? Wish her a blissful marriage. 

The highlights on Day 3 was certainly the American Village but then probably due to my poor memory, I may post some of Day 4 but nobody knows.  Haha... Okay I think most people know that US has airbase in Okinawa (widely known) and that's probably Kadena Airbase 嘉手納. On our way to American Village, it seems like is a place where we will pass-by. So manage to snap a few photos of it when the coach drove by.

I know is kind of crap but then when I saw US army, I'm like 'WOW' in my heart. Stupid right? As if I never see Caucasians before. But not when they are in uniforms! Okay fine. Forget about explaining. It's just an eye-opener for me outside Singapore. Haha...

And then we had 2 hours at American Village so had lunch there too. 

Ta-daa... Here we are at American Village. See that Ferris Wheel, you know you are at American Village. But then, I watched the Taiwanese variety show Super Taste 食尚玩家 before I came and it's like so different from what was introduced in the show. WTF! Too big a place to explore in 2 hours. I need half a day to do that. Arrghh... Oh by the way, Super Taste is my favourite Taiwanese travel show and whenever I travel to Taiwan, I will head for those food stalls they recommend or been to (if it is convenience and I'm not lazy to navigate).

Another side from my view where I stand. Lots of restaurants and there is a cinema too. Saw those US army guys & women dropping by for lunch. 

Oh... Hi there. We had our lunch at +A&W Restaurants. Really once awhile having a meal at A&W is so much shiok-ness. You see... we don't have it in Singapore anymore and you can only find it in other countries. I simply don't get it why they can't sustain their business in Singapore but rather, in other countries. Why???? Tell me why!!!! Anyway, we had a light one here because I suggest to the guys that we look for a sushi bar. I have so much regrets not having sushi in Tokyo years back and now, I'm not gonna make this a regretful trip here again. So we found one without much search. 

Oh man... I love sushi! So fresh. Oh by the way, their concept is the same as those we patronize in Singapore (of cos lah). I remember they charge by the different color plates. The cheapest I know was 100 Yen. CHEAP RIGHT? Cheaper than SGD1.50 which you can find at Sushi Express in Singapore. OMG! That's it for lunch. I'm full. Spent about SGD20 for 3 pax. Shiok. Plus a nice hot green tea (refillable). I love Japan!

Now some random shots at American Village. Enjoy!

According to the tour guide, this is the beach where US troops first landed in Okinawa. Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't wanna get criticize by the Americans. That's like a decade or more ago. It's history.

Love & Peace! No war please. War is destructive.

End of 2 hours here at American Village.

I think after that we head for sea salt making at Gala Aoi Umi. Quite fun. And we can bring back the salt we made. And again according to the tour guide, the salt has the effect of shielding against evil if you put in your house and also to minimize the possible quarrels between married couples when put in the bedroom too. My guy made 2 bottles plus mine = 3 bottles. Well... shall try it no doubt. See if it really works.

This is how we made our salt by stirring it till dry. The heat from that burning charcoal is damn power. Superb hot. So gotta be careful even though you are wearing gloves. 

Ta-daa... The end product. We get to choose the bottles, the strings and papers. I got 2 bottles that has smiley face on it. Wahahahah.... And I tried their salt ice cream. Lame. The vanilla taste is more than the salty taste. Ya lah... I taste the saltiness. No doubt.

We also visit Bios no Oka (Bios on the hill). The nature park with a botanic garden and varieties of sub-tropical flowers in Okinawa. They have a mini farm in there. You can see wild boar or is it just pigs, sheep and a big water buffalo.

That's the river cruise. A big boat that can carry like more than 20 pax. And then we saw this lady in traditional Ryukyu costume. 

I think that's about it for this post. Ended abruptly I know. Hehehe... Shall finish up the whole trip in the next one. Quite tiring. Need to retrieve more photos. DAMN IT! Gotta convert again! Lesson learnt. Never ever use RAW.