Travelogue | A Glimpse of Ryukyu (Okinawa) 2

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So now I shall begin penning down my Day 2 after referring back to my itinerary. I sort of have short term memories. I can't even remember my 5 days itinerary in order but I know where I have went to. Wahahahah... Shut up! Let's get started.

After our breakfast at hotel, we, along with our luggage, set off for Day 2 itinerary.

1st stop, Cape Manzamo 万座毛. Oh man. The rock formation (to me) is spectacular! It looks like an elephant from far. 

This is taken by me okay? I know you can find lots by googling. But this is taken with the hands of Stella Chen! Looks like elephant or not? This place faced the East China Sea. Nice blue sea okay? So captivating. A popular spot for tourists. #Must Visit Place

The name in Chinese came about back in the 18th century where the Ryukyu King noticed that the top of the cliff can sit 10,000 people. The king named it Manzamo (Man - 10,000; Za - to sit; Mo - field). 

A picture perfect place is spoilt by my guy because he doesn't know which is the best angle to take. Come on!!!!!! Should have asked the tour guide to take for us. To think that he likes to 'snatch' my camera to take shots on his own but can't find the best angle to shoot! Give up. The memories all recorded in my brain!

The rock on the right looks like a face of a man or woman. I don't know but then with my imagination, it looks like a lion kissing the forehead of a human. Tell me if you can figure out the same as I do or even better illustration.

Next stop, Longevity Village. Actually not the village. It is a store selling vegetables and local stuff. Confirm! Never went that so-called village. But nice place for photo shooting, again. But it was said that it has the most longevity index in the world. 

If you can read Chinese, you know what is written on the rock. So disappointed actually. Would long to go into the village and see how the old people live up to such an old age.

Facing across the road is the beautiful sea. That attracts me more.

You don't see lots of cars travelling. So which means you won't experience traffic jams here. At this hour. In the morning. And their travelling speed is slow. Basically they are not in any rush. That's what the tour guide told us. Life in slow pace. That's what everybody look for. But then we are so used to rushing in our everyday life. I wonder if we slow down, will we feel bored? That's up to individuals to think and perceive that life is gonna be this or that way. Your choice. But I doubt we have much choice.

Was so surprised to see such big radish. Superb big. Wow... How did they do it? 

The cabbage looks so nice and crunchy. By the looks. And big too. OMG!

Aiya... Why the tour never set off early? Den I can buy one back to SG and roll my new hse ma right? Wahahahahah....

My guy aka husband now took this. Eh... got a bit of feel. Can't tell but then something cannot be describe easily. His work.

OMG! This is a must try. I don't know how you think but to me is AWESOME! #Must Try in Okinawa. I bought these 2 flavours: Red sweet potato and Black sugar. I like it so much! And another regret lor. Should have bought more back. IDIOT!

Next. Nago Pineapple Park. Nothing much. Just tasting of pineapple wine, snacks and etc. Yes... I bought a lot of お土産 like pineapple chocolates as requested by my family. And also other local food stuff. Tell you right! I'm not like other ladies who goes overseas to shop for clothes, shoes and beauty products. I shop for food most of the time. And thus I shall leave you with this photo of mine at the pineapple park. 

*Updated with more photos

So cute that pineapple mascot. A toothy pineapple mascot. Wahahaha... so welcoming.

See those pineapples? So yellow or red right? Nice! I seldom see such in Singapore.

I wonder what is there behind. The tour guide never bring us there. Look so much like a castle, don't you think? But seriously, what stands out is that toothy mascot. I can't deal with it!

Drinks shots again. Alamak. By Asahi somemore. Well done!

Head for lunch after that. So if you are following me on Instagram, you will see my post on Okinawa soba. God damn delicious! But the guys find it norm. WTF! In Okinawa, it is a must try thingy. 

It comes in this way. A bowl of Okinawa soba, which apparently doesn't look like soba, a bowl of Okinawa rice and a pack of Red sweet potato tart. What's more can you ask for right? I can't get enough of their soba. SERIOUSLY! And regretted not buying like a trolley back to SG! #Must Try food in Okinawa. Looks like Udon to me. But the colour doesn't seems to be. Totally not like soba. But one important fact that it is hand-made (crap I know).

A lesson learnt. Always must be attentive to what the tour guide is describing in the coach before arriving at our next destination. You see lah. Take photo without knowing what birds are these. But some rare or lucky birds in Okinawa. 

From outside the glass, you can see the workers making some pancakes or dorayaki kind of local goodies, both by machine and human-operated. 

I bought two ornaments which they called it 石敢当 and it is quite popular in Okinawa where the saying that it can shield against evil if you put in front of your doorstep. Just nice. New home for me so I bought. Another one for my uncle.

It looks something like that. A rock thingy with the wordings. It comes in different forms, like stickers (wordings only), rock type (most of the time) and some with 風獅爺 (the two lions inside or beside). This 風獅爺 is also another souvenirs you can buy back from Okinawa. If you go Google about this pair of lions, there is meaning behind it on why one's mouth is wide open and the other is close. I got so confused by different says. But it got to do with shielding against evil and also to keep all the happiness or good omen. Whatever. These two things I have mentioned is so common in Okinawa that you can find them even on top of the roof, esp the pair of lions.

Had their ice cream again. This time round is red yam flavour. Eh... quite creamy but a mediocre taste. See lah! Blue Seal again. Dominated the whole Okinawa neh...

Next stop. Ocean Expo Park + Churaumi Aqaurium + Dolphin Lagoon. All in one place. Well done. The park is really big!

Nah you see. Have to walk and walk all the way in to reach the lagoon and aquarium. Our tour consists of many elderly. Ahem... I'm still young. I can walk. 

And then happen to see Japanese kids on excursion. Tell me about it! Why do I find the Jap kids cuter than our local kids? Why why why??? So kawaiii neh... I guess is the upbringing in 2 different places. Well... nothing much to say. Till I have kids, I wish to groom them in Japanese way but then, our education system is forbids. And these kids thought I'm Korean. WTF! Really or not? I so happy with their kind words. So sweet.

Seriously, I go around taking photos with all these fishes, crabs and all. Oh well... You see. We have to love ourselves first before you know how to love others. But it seems like I didn't. Okay now. I look okay in this photo. I love seeing myself in this photo. I look great and lame too. Wahahahaha.... 

Hi crabby! Why you so cute? Need to stick out your tongue don't you? And with that big round eye balls. 

Hi Nemo. You are cute and colourful. Mind a photo with you? Anyway you can't answer me back so I just snap!

My favourite turtle. OMG they look so cute here. I can don't bother other sea creatures but this, I can't. I love them so much.

So the afternoon is spent watching dolphin shows, went to that large aquarium which looks like the one in RWS but please hor... they re-open the aquarium in 2002 hor. Earlier than the one at RWS so don't say copycat or whatever. The park is superb windy place because is facing the sea. I'm like walking and running around like a kid. So big and spacious open space at the Park.

Ta-daa... This is their aquarium. Look at all the fishes in there. Okay! I don't need go Sentosa that one liao. I know how it is like here. Save the trip and money.

Let me compensate more photos in the next round. I know is boring. No food photos right? Hahahah... Wait lah... Coming. I got a lot to show you peeps. Let me find time to convert the photos one by one without missing out any. Meanwhile. Stay tune for more of my updates! Cheers.