Travelogue | Ryukyu (Okinawa) 1

*Updated with more photos

Finally got my hands on the photos. I can start writing my travelogue now. As I go along, I will tag # some of those places which I think I would recommend you people to visit, shop or try.

If you haven't read the highlights of my trip, here is the link. Just to inform you that if you wanna go for a tour to Okinawa, approach Commonwealth Travel (CTC) because the itinerary is awesome!

Upon arrival at Naha International Airport in the morning, our 5 days journey started immediately. So good right? 5 days really a full 5 days. Wonderful as it is.

#Must Go Place (Picture Perfect Place - PPP) - First stop, Shuri Castle 首里城

It was the palace of Ryukyu Kingdom. The castle was almost destroyed in 1945 during the Battle of Okinawa. But it was reconstructed in the beginning of 1992 based on historical records, photos and memories.

I'm not sure why but I have been having their ice cream everywhere I go and the one that you can see almost everywhere in Okinawa is Blue Seal. Seriously everywhere. Popular for their ice cream in Okinawa, according to the local tour guide. Many different flavours they have in fanciful colours. Thanks to the influence from the States. Yes you are right! You can feel the presence of American in Okinawa.

Next stop, we head to Ashibinaa Outlet Mall. It is the first outlet mall in Okinawa with 70 world brands gathered in one place. You can also find restaurants there. I saw familiar ones like Starbucks, A&W and Baskin Robbins. But first, we settle for a buffet lunch.

When in Japan, drink their Green Tea. How can you miss that out? Just like when in Japan, have their sushi.

Damn it! I should have try Churros but then just done with lunch! How to stuff Churros down!!! So regret now.

As we have 2 hours at outlet mall, we walked along the road side and found Daiso. They sell mostly similar stuff as in Singapore but then, 100 Yen is about SGD 1.25. Cheaper than SGD 2 right? And that's why my mum bought stuff from Daiso in their previous trip, like cups! Lame. But then, this is a #Must Shop Place in Japan. They have those 100 Yen shops too which is almost similar like Daiso but I think their varieties may be different.

In the same building, I found +A&W Restaurants. Too bad. I wanted to buy their mugs back for my new home but then they never provided boxes for the items and that is quite a risk for me because it may just crack during the journey back to Singapore. And I know my hand-carry stuff will be too much to even care about that fragile mugs. I'm so sad.

You just take a look. Blue Seal again. I never bluff you people right? Just the 2nd location and I saw Blue Seal again. So I shall just list it as #Must Try Ice Cream in Okinawa.

Like I say in my previous highlights, I got this thing about the bottled drinks. I will look into their vending machines and find the most unique bottles and buy! This is just one of those.

And so we head to our first accommodation, Southern Beach Hotel & Resort.

View from our hotel room. Awesome! The beach is just opposite. #Must Stay Hotel in Okinawa.

There is indoor pool and this is so perfect during winter season because staying near here at Southern Beach Hotel & Resort, the strong wind can blow you away. Just take a look at the palm trees swaying and you know. Imagine is just March. So is a perfect month to travel to Okinawa if you are into cold countries. October is also good but sunny weather yet moderate wind.

Here's the beach. And we had BBQ dinner by the beach. How awesome it can be! But then again, the wind is blowing so strong that hardly a good time to have our dinner. Flying plastics, paper plates and anything light. 

The guys cooking. Was given chicken, pork, 2 big packs of mixed vegetables, sausages to BBQ. Awesome! In Okinawa, they usually (most of the time) take pork so everywhere I go for the next few days of the tour, I had pork. I suppose pork is less expensive than beef. I suppose. Oh and you know what? We used the leftover marinated sauce from those chicken and pork to pour in for our mixed vegetables. Oh my goodness! Is super duper tasty and crunchy. Can you imagine someone like me who is not a vegetable person loves it so much and had lots of vegetables just that night?? Yes I really really did.

Lastly our room!

Our breakfast at the hotel the next day was fairly good. Sorry to say but usually the hotels I been to in other countries are quite disappointment and it only makes me more particular when comes to breakfast in foreign ground. Or maybe my juvenile preference. Heheheh....

We had our breakfast at their ballroom. Kind of funny but then is great too. Enjoying your breakfast with a nice view + sunrise.

And setting off for our Day 2 itinerary. OMG Okinawa! I fell in love with this place even b4 I came. Because my parents was probably the first batch of chartered tour to Okinawa by CTC so with all the photos taken by them, I felt that this place is superb picture perfect place. Especially for photographers. 

Can't wait to show you peeps more of my trip. But for now, I just leave you with this post while I sort out my photos by days because I seriously can't remember which day I went where and all. My goodness. Bye!