Lifestyle | Food Photography Workshop at The Prime Society

Helloooo.... How's everyone? Been busy over the weekend on my new house and all. Will still be busy till 18 May 2014. Oh well... now I get the taste of getting married and having a house of our own. 

Attended the 1st workshop for year 2014, organised by Canon. This time round it is held at +The Prime Society, Dempsey Hill. As you know, it is kind of inconvenience for someone like me who doesn't own a car and I have to navigate my way there. End up, I took a cab. I guess next time when there is such workshop, I just gonna look at the location first before signing up. 

Quite a nice, grand place. I took so many takes to at least get this effect, which I'm satisfied. Love the tall pillars. A little rustic feel?  And oops... photobombed by Canon staff. Hahaha...

Drink to your heart content! Lots of booze placed around the bar counter.

And more on the other side. 

Empty ones on display by the pillar...

Before the workshop starts, the celebrity chef Ian Curley who was in Singapore for the World Gourmet Summit spoke to the participants and also introducing his ala carte menu which we will be having that day. He was being hosted by The Prime Society thus we get to taste his culinary skills. 

Just a little about him. He was born in England and moved to Australia after that. He made appearance on radio and tv shows.


Pork Belly Parcels with Roasted Shallot Dressing and Apple

Awesome layer of skin that is golden crispy + the blending of tasty pork belly. Chewy, soft with a little fats to balance out the overall taste. 

Main Course

Fillet of John Dory with Indian Spices, Roasted Witlof and Citrus Confit

The dory coated with a layer of condiments/spices makes it so delicious and melts in your mouth. I do taste curry spices. Am I right? And the smell from it is alluring even before tucking in.


Chocolate Salty Caramel with Creme Fraiche Sorbet and Peanuts

Perhaps the sorbet was melting already when served. But that doesn't 'kill' my mood on having dessert. The chocolate is thick and sweet. Indeed. It goes well with peanuts.

So the above 3 course meal, proudly presented by celebrity chef Ian Curley. Did the photos bring out the real good taste of the food? Out of the 3, which one should I pick to submit for the mini contest? I know is not as good as other participants but then I quite like the starter and main course. Haiz... After going for few workshops, if still no improve means my problem already. Can't blame the DSLR.

Any workshops on food photography will definitely interest me. Food photography is also a way of advertising for the restaurants. Some more is free advertising. The people shouldn't get piss off when customers snap food photos. It is not that they are stealing your recipes or whatever. It is your end product that we see. They should take this opportunity to improve or maintain their food standard, plus service. A nice presentation of your food lets you score likes in social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you Canon for organising and The Prime Society for hosting us. Food and ambiance were good. Nice place to spend a quiet afternoon, enjoying some nice food and wine.

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