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Well... I just gonna do this! I seldom into makeup stuff but then to me, a simple foundation + blusher + lip gloss is good enough for me on special occasion like my ROM day. I'm that sort who don't like to take a long time to doll up. If possible, bare face, which I am always in that. 

At the very last minute before my ROM, I went in search for a good blusher. My existing one is useless! Or probably I didn't find a good colour for my skin tone. I simply don't see any damn colours when I apply on my cheeks. Damn angry! I must at least look a little rosy on my important day. So no choice. Spend that bits of money for a good blusher.

I went to Sasa at JEMs and was looking at Cyber Colors in the end. Hehehe... Cheaper. And I ask the retail assistant to recommend me a color suitable for my skin. And she recommended me no. 15 Peach color.

Awesome! As you can see from my post The Missus, my cheeks look rosy. OMG! I love it and I superb love myself that day! You noe what? I have that yellow skin tone. And last time I used to read a magazine that says for those yellow skin tone (or whatever near to that) should try blushers in orange color. Well... to me this peach colour is almost there.

Now this is a must have blusher in my list. Reasonable priced and compact. I love it! 

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