My New Home - Part One

Wow... It's been like 3 years since 2011 when me and my guy decided to buy a new flat under HDB's Build-To-Order scheme. I remember correctly that it was January's BTO launch that consists of studio apartment at Bukit Batok and 3 to 5 rooms flat at Yishun. Previously we tried for the 1st time in December 2010 for Punggol Topaz but did not get it. Ya... obviously is through a ballot system. And tried again the following month, we got it. But the queue number was so way back that we might just unable to get our ideal unit. However in April 2011 when it is our turn to select the unit, my guy chose a unit that he is comfy with and true enough, it is a good one for us at this moment because we still have not shift in yet.

Today marks the 5th day of us taking possession of our new flat. On 28 Feb 2014, it is really a nervous yet happy day for us because finally the flat is ready before we head for our pre-honeymoon. How awesome can that be? Frankly speaking, I'm really excited about my new house than my wedding. Because the former is gonna be a place where we live for long. Yes... marriage is important too and must be a lifetime. But then all the ceremonial procedures are a hassle. But then I'm kind of contradicting. I want what others have but must be special and not just the norm. Whatever. Shall update more of my wedding probably from April onwards. But for now, is all about my new home. Love!

We sort of went out early but then at 10+ in the morning, the expressway jam. Why always jam? Why why why??? I head it. And we are like almost short of time because need to buy the fire insurance for the house first before we proceed with the key collection. Damn it! We made it on time, bought the insurance + additional insurance to cover our stuff in the house in case of fire and etc. *touchwood* So quickly we went down to get a queue number. 9 minutes before our stipulated appointment time. But we also waited like almost 15 minutes then got in the Sales room.

Forget to buy 4D for this number. Anyway, so long as everything falls in place, I'm superb glad. Now you all see it. If strike 4D, remember the number is from me!!! Hahahahah....

Half way through, need to go up and pay for our 1st Service and Conservancy fee of $48. Well done. I haven't even step in the house and I have to pay!!! Never mind. After all the procedures are done and in our heart, we bid goodbye to our CPF Ordinary Account's money, we head up to open our Utilities account with SP Services. When everything is done, head for our lunch at Yakun. I think my guy is a better food critics than me. He doesn't find the Mee Rebus nice but instead my Mee Siam was tasty. Alright. And off we go to our new home. So excited!

Living & Dining area
Oops... Pardon that pineapple. Some Chinese ritual or whatever that we have to roll pineapple so that the house (or us) prosperous. And so my main door and kitchen entrance are side by side, separated by the electrical board. And that's where the empty space below will be a mini shoe rack. Space planning yo! And yes... all my floor tiles and doors are default by HDB (pay money to them liao which is added to our flat price). 

Living room
When we open up all the windows, the wind keep blowing. How wonderful is that! I love it max. But I'm not gonna jinx it by saying anything other than that. 

Views from Living room
No good views but is enough. At least we are not blocked by flats or whatsoever. This is perfect! Me and my guy love it to the max.

Dining area
Excuse me. How pathetic is this for a dining area! Superb duper. I'm so disappointed because my dream dining area is rudely destroyed! I keep grumbling to my guy and he also headache over this. For your info, we are doing very minimal renovation for this flat. And my guy keep teasing me because I'm dumbfound by the little space when I wanted to be my own designer for this house. That's means to say my guy is planning/designing instead of me. ALL DESTROYED! So please for those who haven't get your new flat (mine is a 4-room flat), please don't fantasize like me that you can have dream dining, living, kitchen, room, toilet! ALL BULLSHIT! You will regret like me. 

Our kitchen is still not that bad and we decided to do both sides the cabinets and top. My friend told me not to choose ceramic so I used Quartz top. Den separate the sink and cooking area. Kept hearing that from my guy's friends. So we follow that too even though my mum said it doesn't matter. 

View from Service Yard
Okay right my kitchen? Yes is superb okay and I love it! I'm quite looking forward to mess the kitchen for baking after married. I just can't wait! Oops... Forgot to take photos of my service yard. Shit. Renovation is starting today. 

The first look at this area is the sharpness of the corner. I feel very uneasy. There is this Chinese saying that we have to get rid of the sharp point/corners in the house. If not the couples (or whoever in the house) will quarrel like hell. I told this to my guy and yes he said partly on fengshui and partly also the mutual understanding and trust between a couple. But then with a woman's instinct, I shall get rid of this sharpness with wall decal/sticker whether this saying is true or not.

Bomb shelter aka Store room
HDB is kind enough to give us complimentary tiles for kitchen, toilet and living area. For our reno purpose of course. Quite small shelter and I doubt my rubbish can fit in all here. 

Common Toilet
Well... this is good. Because the WC is not facing the toilet door but the wash basin is. Sorry for complaining when I see it as a problem but not gonna spend money to relocate it. I think is fengshui again. WC facing the toilet door means flushing away your fortune/money. Yes! But on the other hand, if the place where you put your money and stuff is not near, then is okay. Tell me about it! 

Master Bathroom
This is the type of example I give above. Everything face toilet door. WTF! K fine. I told my guy about it and told him that it is compulsory to close the door after using the toilet. A MUST THING IN THIS HOUSE. That's the first house rule I set! Oh and here, I'm gonna do a shower screen. Yesterday I order a decal/sticker to be pasted on the screen. So excited!

Master Bedroom
Pathetically small. We stood there very long. In and out of the room, we are thinking how to construct that wardrobe. Yes... Doing a sliding door wardrobe save space. But the rest, I got not much space left to design the room. The smaller the better the more cosy is it? WTF! Whatever. Until the wardrobe is done and bed is set in, then I think about how or what to put in the room.

I forgot this is bedroom 2 or 3 but is the same. My guy will use one as his entertainment room which I personally tell him that he can only use the bedroom further away from Master bedroom. Because he is an ass and inconsiderate guy who likes to on the volume loud while watching online shows. I don't like! It is not conducive at all for sleeping. No wonder he has insomnia for so many years. Serve him right! So unhealthy lifestyle. I have bear with it for 6 years and not going to give in this time since it is also my house! :P Don't drag me in since he doesn't want/like to follow my somehow healthier lifestyle.

I think that's about it. Was told by my guy that the renovation will start today. Have arranged for gas pipe installation this Sat while we were away and next Mon, viewing by the contractor for installation of water heater and bidet.

For the last 3 days from key collection day, we are running around to and fro for the furniture, appliances and lighting. I can say that it is about 70% settled. At least for the important ones, we have settled. The rest can leave it till we are back. Need to go back and choose 3 sets of lighting because out of stock. Aircon also settled. Yes! We can have an enjoyable trip to Okinawa. My guy said I can go there buy decorations for our new home. Woohoo.... Can't wait! And also buying for my friends and those who are helping out on our wedding day. Must appreciate their help right?

See ya. More updates and also my Pre-honeymoon trip post. Soon...