Public Phone

I guess most of you have used public phone before... But with the technology advancing everyday, these public phones will be extinct soon enough. Just like pagers. I kept 2 of them at home for memories (I think I have more than 2 but not sure cos memory loss over the years). Another one will be the number '1711' which we usually call to check time but it has ceased its service. We shouldn't forget their existence which actually help us in our daily life. I mean last time. For now, is all about smartphones. Yup! I own a SII and once contract end, I shall change to Note II. Why I don't support Iphone is because so common everywhere and one of my module assignment is about Apple and I am kind of disgusted after reading more about them and also analyzing them on how they manage the company, their staff etc. *PUKE* That makes me even don't want to use their phone. 

Back to public phone. So one insert 10 cents to the coin phone for a 3 minutes talk. Any changes right now? I have long time no use it. But my parents do. Phone cards. Do you have a collection of them? I used to have a lot because when I was young, I return call using public phone when someone page me. Wahahahah... Wow... Those were the days. But now, coin phones are getting lesser. So are the phone card type. Mostly foreigners are using it to call home. But... now they also own a mobile phone hor. Some smartphone users okay?

I took few pictures of the pay phones. You might think is crazy or something but before it extinct, must keep for memories because you won't see them next time. Enjoy.

Kind of dirty hor and I wonder how much germs over the handset.
Another one and typical one. The shopowner kept it when they close shop for the day.
I guess I can't find the even older version of it. But I will just keep a lookout. Shall update here if I find it. The more advance version with coin and phone card type.
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