Food Review | Nice and Cheap Food in NUS

Yes... I am working in NUS. And now I am going to recommend what you can find in the canteen of Science Faculty. Come try it. Cos I see even SAF personnel went there for food despite long q. NUH staff don't need to say. So near only. Drop at Kent Ridge MRT station (Circle Line), walk about 10mins and you will reach Science block. Ask for direction to NUS Faculty of Science canteen. That's the nearest canteen. Or you may want to try at NUH Staff canteen but nothing much over there. So for now, I stick my ass on Science canteen.

For tourists info. If you wanna see the place and life of our students in NUS (one of our local universities), you can do so and meanwhile get to taste our local food in the canteen too. And is cheap! Definitely.

First up! My bro intro me to have this Dory Penyet. He says that is damn nice. Not oily and the fish is fresh. I don't is it the way they fried or the batter for the fish but I like it. $3.50 mind you. Don't you think is worth? How much will you be spending out there for this?

Yup it comes with rice. The curry sauce triggers your taste bud. Please be careful with their chilli if you don't really take spice. Damn hot! My dad loves the chilli! I can't stand it though is SHIOK!!!

From the same stall, second up is Ayam Penyet. $4.00 okay? Don't play play. 

I had a takeaway that day. The smell makes me so hungry.... 

This ayam (chicken in Malay) penyet set, the chicken is damn big a portion! Thank you whoever prepare and cook because the portion is good. Oh ya... For every set, it seems there is a fried tau pok, veggie and cherry tomatoes along with. The outside of the tau pok is crispy but the inside is just bland taste. So you can dip with their chilli. Spice up the taste. You know the I love the crispy crispy thingy they sprinkle on top of the chicken. Just like those crispy thingy we have in Long John Silver's set meal.

Same stall again. Chicken Wing Penyet at $2.80! Cheapest in the stall. And is YUMMY!!!! I can only say that it is crispy!!! 

Apparently, it makes you feel full and sometimes you might not b able to finish the whole set. Get it? So the most worthwhile in Science canteen. Long q every now and then so must be patient for good food. They also have others in the menu like Udang set which I have not tried yet. And others which I can't remember. 

Next up! Chinese stall. There are various stalls selling Chinese food and I am going to start with one of them first. It sells Wantan mee, Lor mee, Ban mian, Fishball noodles etc. And I had their Lor mee and Ban mian.

This is ban mian soup. The noodles is flat type but in white colour (there is in yellow colour type but not meant for ban mian) and usually self made. I'm not sure how they do it but nothing special though. It costs $2.20 my god! There is bits of minced meat, veggie, mushrooms, ikan bilis and a dumpling. Worth or not? Confirm chop guarantee worth. But my verdict for this ban mian soup is: please have it more cook for ban mian because I don't really like it when it is hard (means not fully cook lah!). But I will still have it. Maybe once awhile.

Next. Lor mee!!!!! Where to find outside $2 Lor mee??? Tell me please. And $2 is large size. $1.80 is small de. Cheap till you drop yr eyeballs!!!!

There is additional of fried dumpling in it. Nice lor. Is filling up your stomach cos the portion is just like what you have out there. Get it peeps? This is so crazy man!

Wantan mee... Eh... the fried dumplings must have put outside for some time and it hardens up and taste not really nice. The crispness is gone. But the noodles are great! $2 again.... Seems like this post is all about food ranging $2. Most of it.

Okay another Chinese stall, one of my regular stall which I had most of their varieties.

Roasted meat noodles for $2!!!! I gotta say that their food is damn nice. Especially the noodles. Springy and it doesn't sticks together like those we had outside which sometimes you may encounter it. I wonder if they cook in hot water and go through cold water to get such a good taste. I'm not used to taking roasted meat. I do but seldom. But after trying this, I LOVE ROASTED MEAT! U taste the bits of saltiness on the skin and is crispy.

Next! Roasted chicken rice. $2 please. Oh dear... I can't stand it anymore. The cheap and nice food around me.

I love the sauce. I can have the rice with the sauce without the chicken. Wahahahahah... Seriously I really can. The meat is tender and I love the skin too. Usually the skin is fatty. Oh... Fat Me!!! But I still love it. 

Next Hor Fun with chicken slices. $2 too!
Nice or not? Look nice and taste nice too lor. Slurp up the hor fun okay! Eh... but the chicken slices sort of not fresh. Harden already but doesn't matter lah. You just can't believe it when it comes to food over here. Portion is good and cheap. Low cost operating here but must understand that the ingredients are always on a unpredictable mode in pricing. Sometimes up and downs. But I salute to them cos they have to maintain the price I guess despite all these factors. Well... maybe NUS got subsidized them. I'm not sure. That's why I appreciate the food from all stall owners by finishing it up. Clean clean on my plate or lunch box.

Comparison of the Wantan mee with the previous stall I intro earlier on. Same. $2. No horse run one.
Instead of fried dumplings, we are given Char siew. It tastes much better. Comes with a bowl of soup with dumplings. OMG.

And then is their macaroni soup. Guess how much? Hint: Less than $2.

Any guess? Ya... is only $1.50!!! Incredible right? Kind of plain but is better than nothing. Something light for the day. I love that.

NEXT!!!!! Western food! I had twice. Cos I can't be bothered to q up so long. But when the q is shorter, I went for it. And I had spaghetti bolognese.

What to expect for a $2.50 spaghetti? Nope. Nothing. The sauce with minced meat are good enough to fill up your stomach. And then one day, my luck came. There isn't any q and so I go for its Fish & Chips!!!!

Well done. $3 and the fish is big. U get to choose your sides (3 types) and so I chosen coleslaw, fries and hashbrown. I nearly can't finish it, especially the fish. A must try! Fresh fish and is not oily. Accompany with tartar sauce. YUMMY!!!!

NEXT NEXT!!! Japanese food.

Don't be shocked when you know the price is so damn affordable. 

Curry Katsu Udon

I think is Dory Udon.

Katsu Don
Basically the price range is about $3 - $4+. Cheap right? Affordable for the students and us the staff and the visitors too.

Next up! Malay stall. It sells like mee rebus, nasi lemak etc. I had quite a few times on repeated stuff. I can't be bothered to crack my brain on what to eat especially in the morning. 

This is like kway teow plus a hashbrown for $1.60!!!! Gosh... The chilli in the kway teow is so spicy that I really cannot take it. But worthwhile. U can add on some more but this is enough for me. I have managed to shrink my appetite way smaller than before.

Next is a repeated set. Just a change from kway teow to mee goreng. Wahahahah... Same price. I had this combi twice.

Next one is slightly pricey. $2.30! I didn't manage to finish the rice (is a sin) but the veggie and fried fish are finished up. I love the fish. No fishy smell. Means definitely fresh.

The next is disgusting and the most expensive one. I can't remember the price but is about $3+ to $4+I wanted nasi briyani. Then they said dun have and ask mi take tomato rice. Den ok lor. With the curry chicken drumlet. *Puke* I totally condemn this. And I am not gonna have this anymore. No way! I want real nasi briyani. Dumbass me that day! 

Next stall... Selling steamed soup. I took the soup of the day at $2 + $0.30 rice = $2.30
Simple soup. Vegetable soup. Is nice I tell u... I finish all up. I seldom drink soup but this attracts me to have it all up. Well done. 

Well... Basically I have introduced most of the stalls. There is Yong Tau Foo stall too. Is cheap so do try it if you are there. Talk about my favourite stall would be the Chinese stall selling Char Siew Wantan mee. I once bought home and my mum was very impressed. She said is better than the stall at our neighbourhood hawker centre and is cheaper too (selling $2.50-$3 at the hawker centre). I'm a noodles person so most of the time I will look for noodles of all kinds. Be it yellow mee, kway teow, ban mian, yee mee etc... 

So if you are working around there or you wanted to taste cheap and nice local food, do drop by at NUS Science canteen. Please avoid lunch hours like 11am-2pm. You will q like SIAO! I hate q-ing. So usually I will choose my food of the day by looking at the q. 

The stalls are still open at around 6+ in the evening.


Footnote: Maybe you peeps may think that school canteens are supposed to be cheap so why do I have to post on this with exaggerating expressions. Well... It depends what schools you are at. Private or Govt. Like where I am studying (SIM), their food are considered cheap but not as cheap as in NUS. Get it? A ban mian soup cost $2.80 at SIM where you can get it at $2.20 in NUS.