5 Desserts You Shouldn’t Be Eating

Well... Whatever they have identified. I seldom on them. I do have them. Rarely. Not really into them but still have the thoughts of making it. Wahahahah... Well that's life.

Donuts! Ice Cream! Muffins! And more. Which ladies don't indulge on this? Probably me not. I love it visually. Maybe on photos. Cos I love the way the food has been shot. The photographer must be good somehow. I love food photography. Even if I don't like that particular food, taking them down can make wonders. Diet or health conscious peeps, please read on. Or for those who loves all these food listed, have it in moderation and please.... EXERCISE! I seriously emphasize on that.

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A bowlful of dessert is surely the best recipe for the happiness of your tummy. However, in this effort to please the taste buds you might be consuming ounces of unhealthy fat.
Let’s have a look at five desserts you shouldn’t be eating.

1. Fried Desserts

No matter how tasty banana fritters or churros might be, they are nothing but a sweet treat filled with unhealthy ingredients and oodles of calories. The batter, which is used to make this dessert, only consists of fat and heaps of sugar. Also, it is important to note that it does not give your body any kind of nutrition at all.

2. Doughnuts

The doughnut bug bit India just a few years ago. However, this circular sweet treat is not doing the right things to your system. These tiny desserts are made from flour, sugar and cooking oil; everything is refined. Doughnuts are filled with large quantities of calories since they are also deep fried.

3. Muffins

There are a variety of muffins that are available in bakeries today. However, the muffins that are even labeled ‘low-fat’ contain a lot of sugar, thereby filling your body with a lot of calories. In order to ensure that you control the calorie intake, eat it in smaller portions and consume it after short intervals.

4. Ice cream

Ice creams have been a favorite dessert of everyone. It tops the list of favorite desserts and is also used as an integral part of many other desserts. Innovative toppings like whipped cream, sauces and coulis are added to ice creams too. This makes this, the already high calorie dessert, increase in the amount of calories thereby making it unhealthy for your body.

5. Packaged baked foods

Convenience foods and packaged cake mixes are considered to be extremely unhealthy for your body because of the trans fat content in them. To increase its shelf life, producers add a large amount of preservatives, colors and artificial flavors to it. This addition made to the mix makes it harmful and is bad cholesterol for the body.