I thank God for that!

Gotta my long awaited results. Can you imagine since 8am this morning (29 Nov 2012) till 2+ in the afternoon, all the students are waiting for results to release and yet is the same old problem face in Australia side. IT system of theirs got problem again. WTF!!!

My first semester also face the same problem. This semester is also the same. And always during the day of releasing results. Always!!!! I can simply tell you that IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THE LAST TIME AND GOING TO BE IN THIS WAY TILL I GRADUATE!!!!

When I first login, it reflects my results from previous semester. Then I thought 'okay lah give chance I refresh again'. I keep refreshing for duno million times. The same thing. Then I got a sudden thought why not see if the school got FB page and then alas... there is and already students are bombarding their page. Then I join in the frustrating fun.

About 11+, the previous sem results are taken down but it say 'You do not have any results today' (something along the line) and I was like 'FARK U'!!! Waited again... Then finally it appears all the 6 modules I have taken but the Marks and Grades column says 'Available from 2 Jan 2013 onwards from 9am' (something along the line, yet again) and I am again 'FARK U'!!!!

All I can do is refresh. REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH till I come back from lunch, continue REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH... Refresh till I get so fed up! So bombard again lor. 

Meanwhile since morning, I watsapp my friend to update her on the status till finally I saw my results! 

Yes... Gd results. I thank God for that! My 60% of preparation for exam paid off and my prayers during that period paid off. I realized that self-less prayers for my friend and my guy see something good in it. Karma. I must not be selfish. 

Okay. Now I just want to point out something in this small incident.

  • This 6+hours of waiting for the results will add on the frustration and disappointment to those who did not do well in the final examination.
  • Our school in Singapore is not helping at all. They just put up a notice in our local portal and any problem go back to that university. Hey we pay you to pay that university. U are like our agent/middlemen. Though is the university IT system problem and not local problem but don't you all have meeting with them on such problem which is not for the first time? Why can't our school talk to them in releasing the results on behalf of University to save all the problem? Why why??? U make mi feel that I have made the wrong choice of school and also university. We need some responsibility from the relevant people. We are your customers. We pay the school/university $4000+ per semester and the service we get is not fantastic at all.
  • The University really need a good overhauling of their IT system. Don't save on that. It simply spoil your reputation in overseas. I pray to God that by next semester, they have spent the needed money on their IT system.
  • We have to print our own lecture notes whereas other universities, theirs are provided. Fine! U support going green is it? I'm fine with it. But please, other than that do provide good services.
  • The first thought when it comes to my mind on choosing my undergraduate program, I think of you! Both local school and that foreign university. But disappointment struck twice. 
  • But do they know the anxious feeling of the students waiting for results? I am not quite sure but I doubt. To me, they probably have this thinking that 'If you are confidence enough, there is nothing to worry or get work up when such situation happens.' Well... I guess there are such people around. Confirm! Either confidence ones or over confidence. No right or wrong for being confidence. To me, I feel that how confidence you are, there is still bits of feeling anxious in them. 
Whatever!!! Today is terrible, though results are out and well. Go home thank God and have a good night sleep today.

This is my own personal opinion and I don't represent anyone thus won't accept any criticisms on my post. This is the frustration I really need to vent out. Scold me if you want but nobody cares especially me. Those who think that I fuss over such small matter, oh please go see FB page or Twitter. Not just me fussing over it. Stupid!