Myth on Hair Loss

I have been experiencing hair loss for many years. It gets worse only. And never better. I really feel so damn frustrated and depressing.

I will go for any remedy that people recommend.

But it doesn't seems to work at all.  Change of shampoo, I did that for many times. The problem never solve.

Can you imagine I'm someone not into dyeing of my hair and still problem arise. Yup... I do go for hair rebonding when I feel like it and they said that if you were to do again, must be at a year plus after the last time you rebond it.  Well... I can't remember when was the last time I did my rebonding. I think is nearly 2 years ago. Anyway, I am not interested.

And then think last month, my mum told me about an article she read on the papers. It says that we should not always shampoo our hair as it hurts our scalp because we don't know how strong is that shampoo. Told me to alternate days shampoo my hair, like maybe 2 days once do shampooing and the rest will be just washing our hair under the running water and that's it! I try too... 

It turns out that my hair turn that bits of oily. Could it be oil sebum from our hair or scalp or whatever? Can anyone advise me on that?

And more recently I read a tweet and someone says that 2 weeks no shampooing of hair, just watering your hair and it will do your scalp real good but oily though cos the renewing of your hair scalp.

I have tried it too since last Friday and today is the 5th day. And I farking realise that my scalp can't take it. I saw flaky thing on my hair and that's DANDRUFF!!!!

FML!!!! In my whole life, I hate ANTS and DANDRUFF!!!! Ok is either my hair scalp in real bad condition and can't take this kind of test or it just doesn't work for mi.

Maybe I should just try 2 days once shampooing instead. Haiz... Give up!

Wanted to go try at Beijing 101 but too expensive and I am afraid of pushy sales. Nobody likes!

So I shall shampoo it tonight or tomorrow. Wahahahahhaha..... I think my hair gets that bad (not just the scalp thingy) due to my swimming routine. It gets dry... Not like last time anymore. Damnit. I should buy a swimming cap then... But for now, I really need to find a non-strong shampoo that won't hurt my hair further... :(