Prep for EXAMS

My examinations are over for almost 2 weeks and I have been slacking for 2 weeks (never went for my routine run). Shall buck up. Well... Shall not talk more and let the photos to tell what I did during these 3 weeks of preparation for that killer modules. 

I think I'm having my don't know what module lecture but not started so was reading up on my  prep notes for don't know which module.

My buddy's treat on a Sat morning at Clementi Mall's Toast Box before we head to school for revision in the library. Mine is Nasi Lemak. Love it. I tried the toast and I love it max. I certainly love thick toast on top of those thin ones. Both lah. Both love.

I'm a shameless lady in this pic. Cos my room is always and forever in a mess. But I don't care! I just wanna show you my #OOTD because I am having presentation so I wear this dress. Bought from Bega, Northpoint Shopping Centre. But is nice though quite pricey. Worthwhile.

In school. At one corner. Borrow many books to get the relevant notes for my exam prep. Yes this module is Organisational Theory. Tough. To me lah.

On the same day, I have a group presentation for IHRM module. My thumbdrive. Cute right? I bought from Gmarket. Actually bought 2 but one of them (in pink) I give away in my blog. And a guy got it. Wahahahah... Thank you.

My lunch break on don't know which day. That one hour is so crucial for me in studying for exam. And this is my fav Pokka Premium Afternoon Tea - Straight Red Tea. I am so into Red Tea.

On don't know which day, I reach school early so takeaway the food and sat down one corner, studying away before my lecture starts at 7pm. The fries are cold and some harden. Yucky. Except for the nuggets freshly fried. I was also waiting for my buddy to come. Ask her to come school study rather than at home. We can go home together.

On one early Sat morning, my buddy and I study at the void deck of my block after she went to the temple opp to pray for goodie luck in her examinations coming up.

Don't know which day during lunch, I was at Starbucks having this for lunch while studying away. Expensive lunch indeed. But the quiche is nice. Though I had a hard time having it. I should have eat it in a rough way.

On a Fri evening, I went to Jurong Regional Library to study for 2hrs before I head home for the day. Crap. No tables available and so I sat on the sofa. Study in this manner. Bits of difficulty in writing but still manage it well.

Yes... My #OOTD before I head to Changi Airport with my buddy. Yup. All from Uniqlo. Imagine how much I love them. My guy too. Both top and bottom bought during their promotion. Gd buy!

On a Sat morning. Us in the train. Heading to Changi Airport to study. Crap. West to East. 

At first we sat at Coffee Bean but was chased away. Later part then realised Starbucks also sat so many people who are studying away. Oh please Coffee Bean! You are not the only choice. Kaoz...

Then we head to the viewing gallery to study. There is peace, at least. Nobody will chase us away...

Then after long hours of studying, we ended with a tea break before heading home... At Toast Box.

At the airport, so envy people are flying around for holidays. Superb jealous. Okay a camwhore pic of me.
Let me in there!!! Fly me to OSAKA please!!!! I wanna go Universal Studios, which is much more fun than Singapore's.

Another Sat morning. At Jurong Regional Library with my buddy for revision. Hard to find a place to sit ourselves in proper so we again found sofa seats. Crap!

After a 'hard' day in the library, my buddy's treat at J Cube's KFC. SO good...

And so I think that's about it for this post. Somehow is torturing in some sense but still enjoyable with my buddy. Wahahahahahah... Please pray for us to get through these semester. We will be grateful. Send us your blessings/prayers. Thank you!!!! Muackz