In Random

And yes... I am writing this post in random. Because I don't know what to write too. So whatever comes up now in my mind I shall just write out.

Tomorrow is public holiday. Wishing all the fellow Indians a Happy Deepavali!!! It is a no working day for many. I'm glad cos I have planned stuffs to be done tomorrow to fully utilise this holiday. Now just tomorrow but for the whole of Nov and Dec 2012 because there is no lessons till Jan 2013. *crossed my fingers* I will  definitely pass my 2nd semester with my desired grades. I don't believe I'm really that lousy in studies. And some more is undergraduate program. I can do it!

I have paid off my credit card bill of $400+... Yes!!! Heart pain also must pay off. Money can be earned back and save back. I shall be scrimping and saving no matter what. Given the advantage of working in a place with cheap food and lesser transport expenses, is a plus point for me! I shall post real soon on the cheap and nice food found in my workplace. I'm loving it!

Finally last Friday, met up with my ex colleagues aka Fingers for dinner at Fullhouse Cafe inside Rendezvous Hotel. Really like that theme cafe and that day is like simply a dinner 40% and photoshooting 60%. Hahahahah.... The food over there are so-so but in a very reasonable price. U can visit their website at or u might want to go straight there also can. Yup... Another post on that soon.

Met up with my guy last Sat after 25 days because of my examinations. Well... he enjoyed most with a spa treat and a trip to Macau with friends. But so long once awhile, seeing him happy is more important than anything else. So we went Turf City aka The Grandstand. Still under renovation but there are restaurants around. And Giant. I saw Twelve Cupcakes. So bought a Red Velvet cupcakes after shopping done at Giant. Nice! I love the cream on top. Can find that photo in my Instagram. 

How am I going to make my long break a fruitful one? Well... Is a secret but definitely I will be back on my running regime in a more regular basis but shorter distance. Depending on my mood. Hahahahh... I am quite nervous about my final results for this semester but I WILL DEFINITELY PASS! AND YES I WILL!!!

Ok... I shall go do up the cheap food post now.... Stay tune!