Culinary | Pancake Making

Yup my very first attempt making pancakes at home. At night. Well... All of a sudden just feel like doing it. Because I have bought the pre-mix flour for pancakes at Cold Storage. The reason why I wanna do it because just wanna try out on my Happy Call Pan.

Yes... This is the pre-mix I bought (minus that tub of yoghurt) from Cold Storage, the Original. There is another one which is Maple Syrup (if I remember correctly). The instruction behind tells you how to go about tackling the flour. There is a water level indicator on the bottle. Just pour in water into this bottle till that level and shake it. So please remember to read the instruction behind. It says that this bottle can make about 15 pcs of pancakes. And due to my lousy skill, there is lots of different sizes out of it and I manage to make about 16 - 17pcs. Wahahahah.... 

So after shaking, I pour it out into a bowl. And I am all ready to make my first pancake. Such a big bowl of mixture. Or is it my bowl is big? Whatever...

So I start. Pour in a half teaspoon of oil and that's it. No more oil needed for subsequent ones. My Happy Call Pan manage to contain 2 pancake mix. Never do a good one for the first 2 but subsequent ones, I try to catch the timing for both sides of the pancakes and manage to see some golden brown side. 

Okay. I just don't get it why it comes out this way. Half golden brown. WTH!!! And some turn out full golden brown. Haiz... Anyway, so long is edible then it shouldn't be much a problem be it half or full brown. Whatever....

Right... I guess you peeps have saw this pic from my Instagram. And yes... I spend an hour doing 16 - 17pcs. Not bad a try. I shall do it again till I get it all at the right size and colour. Applause for myself. I show this pic to my guy and he said that it looks like cookies to him but is nice. Hee... Thank you very much. I love my Happy Call Pan!!!

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