My trip to Singapore Food Expo 2012

I went down to Food Expo during my lunch time. Travelling from Raffles Place to Expo needed quite a bit of time but still shiok. So many people gathering at each of the participating stalls... And my purchases is not much as compared to those people because I don't have hands to carry so many things and limited time for me as I needed to rush back for work. Weather is pretty hot and I am sweating all over while carrying all the stuff.

You may think is little but is heavy. I bought frozen food mind you... Arrghhh... But worth it! CP brand. 3 for $10 or $2 for $9, depending what you want. Wahahahahah... This is my first time going to Food Expo. And I told my guy that next year I wanna go again and he agreed, despite the fact that he doesn't like crowded places.... When I finally arrived back in office, I thought to myself, 'Why did I buy so many boxes of Munchy brand biscuits when I can get it at Watsons or supermarkets with the same price of $2 per box and I tired myself by carrying it back?' Damn it. Never used my pea brain to think yet again. I saw offers like 2 for $3.45 which is about $1.725 per pack!!!! What e hell!!!! Is cheaper than at Expo and I don't need to carry so much stuff back man! Ok... Next year, I will use my brain to think first before buying.  As you can see, when you are there, you see so many offers and you think is cheap, then never stop to think hard first. I mean myself lah... Not others. Those veteran Food Expo shoppers will be more expert in this. Whatever....

Yeah!!! I bought this at 2 for $8. My main purpose is the Vongole sauce. My love for Vongole... At Cold Storage, it is selling at $5.50 per pack. I save $1.50! Woohoo... I'm gonna try on my Happy Call pan... Cheap x 3!!!

I grab this book for free at CP stall. Whip up simple dishes with their products is so much easy. Grab for my colleagues too. Nice gesture from CP. I love having so much of recipes so that I can learn bits by bits till I am someone's wifey in 2+ years time... Woohoo

Anyway, I went on the 2nd last day of the Food Expo. So my colleagues went on the last day... They grab even more than I do... Wahahahaha... I got them to help me buy some stuff.
Look at this. Guess how much it cost????? Let me announce it to all.... $3.50 only!!!! And you can bring home this claypot. Food + claypot = $3.50.... Great deal right??? What the hell! Can't stand it. The food is so-so, edible, sauce not enough. Claypot is usable though quality so-so. What do you expect???? $3.50 okay! My mum said should be some unwanted stocks which they wanted to clear. Maybe... No comments for that.

Last but not least, chips at 3 for $5 + free 2 small packs.
My colleagues bought too but 1 free pack only. Hahahaha... That's advantages to go on the last day. Lelong lelong!!!! First time trying this chips. My dad said it doesn't taste like normal chips we always have. Eh... the texture of the chips. I don't know how to describe but overall is nice... Finish a pack and 2 small packs in office and the rest I brought home.

Wonderful experience at Food Expo 2012. Shall go again next year. Was told that this is an annual event and lots of good deals as compared with those food fairs. Can't wait for next year to come. Must drag my lazy man there and enjoy shopping!!!!