At coffeeshops, hawker centres or anywhere (except restaurants/cafes), how do you normally order your coffees? Yup I know you just tell the drink stall seller what you want but how do you tell them when you want a coffee with sugar only and/or etc...? Kopi-O? Kopi-C?

I search online on all these terms and finally know the meanings. Because I seldom drink coffee. The most I drink it at Starbucks or Coffeebean. And I always don't understand what those terms mean whenever I hear from my surrounding friends who ordered their drinks (coffee). I never ask anyone, even my guy because I don't drink them. But now, I asked and wanted to know so I do a search. Now I want to share with you peeps out there. Call me a dummy! I admit. Happily admitted I'm a dummy with coffee. So now, I must learn and also appreciate coffee.  That's my first step in Asking.
  • Kopi - Coffee with condensed milk
  • Kopi O - Black coffee with sugar but no milk
  • Kopi C - Coffee with evaporated milk and sugar
  • Kopi Gau - Coffee (Strong brew)
  • Kopi Po - Coffee (Weak brew)
  • Kopi C Kosong - Coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar
  • Kopi O Kosong - Black coffee without sugar or milk
  • Kopi O Kosong Gau - Strong brew coffee without sugar or milk
  • Kopi Bing/Kopi Ice - Coffee with milk, sugar and ice
  • Kopi Xiu dai - Coffee with less sugar
  • Kopi Gah dai - Coffee with extra sweetened milk
  • Kopi Di Lo - All coffee, no water (????)
So u understand what is all this about? Ya... This is how we call it in Singapore. Not sure about other countries but just knew it for Singapore will do. And also the pronunciation, I can't describe to u cos I'm a dummy! 

If you asked me, I will prefer to take Kopi O or Kopi O Kosong. Like when I drink tea (maybe Lipton), I just add sugar. It tastes good enough for me.

Right, that's a dummy teaching the humans out there about coffee... The local terms of calling it and their meaning. Try it...

Also... I'm gonna start my very own giveaway soon. Stay tune!