Local Travel | Loner's Wonderful Day Out - Tiong Bahru Part One

Alright peeps. Long awaited post! Finally I chosen today (02.06.2012) as my day out instead previously pre-planned leave on weekdays. Anyway, I had a good time by myself. Sometimes I really think there is no need to be a sticky girlfriend. When there is a chance to be by yourself for few days without your partner, make full use of the time that you have. Time is precious. I hate wasting time. I'm an impatience lady. Should I say impulsive too? Hahaha... well guess where I go for exploration? It is a place where I lived since birth till I was about 4-5 years old. My childhood was spent there with my grandparents. Comparing then and now, changes is definitely but somethings remained there.

Yes! This place is Tiong Bahru. But I head towards the opposite side from the place I lived (well, walking distance). Do you know why I choose this place apart from the fact that is my childhood memories? Because in the Lian He Zao Bao (Chinese papers in Singapore) has this article on Tiong Bahru and it has been so long since I really step my feet there (only went to my uncle's place, which is where my grandparents stay) to take a good look at that place. Once awhile, it really warms your heart.

I started from Kim Tian Road. Pop by the place where I worked as a Junior Secretary which is my very first full time job.
Hey there is Korean food here... Big Mama. Hahahaha.... Is new to me because it wasn't this during my time. But this building remained. I used to have my lunch (sometimes) at the little coffeeshop or buy instant food from 7-11... My dad told me that one of our relatives used to live in this building but already shifted out from here many years back.

Yes... This location is the place where I worked back in 2003-2004. The former development is Kim Tian Plaza but now brought over by other development and became apartments, Regency Suites.

Yup... The apartment is just opposite the old shophouses. There wasn't any FairPrice during my time... I think this is to cater those living here, who don't want to walk all the way out to Tiong Bahru Plaza. When I used to work here, I do walk over to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch and when coming and going back from work, is a must place to be. If not, how to get home by MRT? Overall, it is quite a convenience place. Central area. Go Orchard, People's Park, Raffles Place, all quite convenience. Hey did I sound like a property agent? But I'm not.

As I walked further down, the nostalgic feel overwhelmed me. The buildings with spiral staircases... Houses with big balcony (can't compare with those condo or maybe even HDB flats now).

And down the street, you can find unique shops. Be it bookstore or cafe or fashion store, you name it and it is there. I am surprised that all these shops can survive over there despite the fact that there is no big crowd. But I still find it special. This is the kind of place where I wish to set up my future cafe. I hope I am able to do it.

You see... Today is Saturday. Those who are clever enough find their way here for a relaxing yet hot sunny afternoon. You can see how crampy the roadside is. So be like me. Take the train, take the heat, and walk! Form of exercise...

Some shops are featured on the papers.

It is a good place to take wedding photos too... Why not? I saw it before. So nostalgic.

Nice right? I guess other than those old folks living there, I do see foreigners or expats too. I'm not sure but I do see some hanging out there. Well... is either they are tourists who is like me, exploring the place or lives here. But I like. Not many people will find this place interesting. I am saying not many, and not all okay? I must always emphasize properly to prevent cyberattacks. I am sharing my day out and not any other thingy.

Well... I gotta continue again... I am tired after the whole day out, from work, to my day out, back home for a 4km run and now blogging... Stay tune to Part 2....

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