Meals at Food Courts

Who says you can't get cheap bento sets?  Though to some, they rather pay extra more for a better quality food but I am satisfied with the Japanese food stall at Banquet. Somemore if you buy their discount card which cost only $10, you can use it to get 10% discount for all the range of food available at Banquet. Just simply top up the card ($2, $5, $10) and use it! Cashless form of enjoying discounts. Like the bento sets below, price range from $5.90 to $7.20 (if I'm not wrong) and usually mine is $6.20 and after less, is about $5+ only.... To me, is worth. What do you peeps think? And you can use the same card for discounts at their participating outlets like Bagus. Actually they are all under one company. Am I right to say that? Correct me if I'm wrong. Lotsa variety from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Vegetarian,Western, Korean food etc... Ok so long as you are not that picky or particular, best place to grab a variety of food will be food courts. There are various food courts like Kopitiam, Koufu, S-11, NTUC Food Fare, etc. Enjoy!

Bento Sets

Ban Mian

Fishball Noodles Dry