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Well... Are you wondering if my day out just end at Tiong Bahru? No? Yes?

Alright. The answer is no. My day out continue on the following day. A beautiful Sunday but bad things occurred to me. I was on my way out to the station and when I'm about to tap my ezlink card, I realised it has gone missing. Damn it! I traced back along the way but can't see anything sight of my card. OMG! I was so devastated. Actually it has spoilt my mood and day but I still continue with my day out. Moody but still enthusiastic. So I just bought a standard ticket and head to my first destination, Holland Village.

Have not been there for quite some times even though is near my house (not really but about 5 stations away). Stopped at Holland V station and immediately bought a new ezlink card. Sigh... Then I head towards the exit where I can get to Holland V. Ya I know I am already at Holland V but different exits bring you to a different area there. And finally I'm up and above.

I can't help wondering why is there a shopping centre and mall in Holland V. Does that make any different? One big one small. Nothing much in the mall. I went up to the 2nd storey only. Doubt there is a 3rd. And Cold Storage at shopping centre. Anyway, my day out is for photography purpose so nothing will attract me than snapping down pleasant places... Hahaha... Anyway maybe I am just being stupid or real stupid.

Hey... Here we are inside Holland V. Again, food court and food centre which comes in the later part of this post. Aarrgh... Can't cater enough for the residents or people visiting here is it? But okay lah. Boosting our economy. Job opportunites for those unemployed. Good! I never try the food over at the food court but food centre instead. More varieties there. Ya... Stupid me. Food centre definitely have more varieties than food court and can find cheap ones. Goodie!!!

Along the street of Holland V. I'm early I guess but is about 10+ in the morning. I can see shops still closed and some are serving breakfast already or ending their breakfast hour soon enough.

Wan some booze? U can get it along this street. Woohoo.... I think that's where the incident of a nude couple hanging around there for a drink or something.  That was many years back... Never read in detail about the news. But is daring act but offence in Singapore.

Yes... This is the food centre. I used to come here with my friends many years back for dinner. Lots of choices for you to choose from. Reasonable price. I mean during that time. Right now, I'm not really that sure. Cos I'm not having my breakfast there anyway... In search of a nice cafe to have my 2nd round of breakfast... Wahahahahah....

And so along this street, I finally found the cafe that I want to have breakfast at. Wahahahahah....

 Alright. I must introduce this bakery. I am still cracking my brain on their bakery name. Provence Bakery & Cafe.
Holland Village Shop17A Lorong Liput Holland Village
Singapore 277731
Tel: 6467 6966
Fax: 6469 6566

Actually what attracts me is its petite yet cosy ambience. The lights are sort of dim inside the cafe but just nice. When I stepped in, long q at the cashier with customers waiting to pay for their breads. And some are here for breakfast. Their simple breakfast at $4, a coffee or tea and their sandwich. Come to think about it, though is not worth the price as I can do it at home, I am here to get some feel and I enjoy it. Especially alone. Scold me if you want. Stupid, silly, bitch,... blah blah blah... Once awhile, it brings me some happiness... Though I have my own happiness already.

Tada... My breakfast set. Simple right? Tea and bread. Actually I had bits of breakie at home before I head out. Chee Cheong Fun.... That bits only. Hee...

Basically is just 2 slices of bread with veggie and ham. They cut it half.

Very healthy right? Bread is lightly toast (I think), ham and veggie... Woohoo... I had a so called heavy breakfast.

I sat outside... Enjoying my tea and bread while watching humans walking here and there... Shops are opening one by one... Good feel!

See... Even the signboard for Sandwich set is so cute... 4 sets for you to choose from. The most expensive is only $5. Selling hours from 9.30am to 11.30am (if I'm not wrong). So I bid goodbye to this cafe. I will come again for your sandwich when I am in search for feel. Hahahaha...

So I decided to head to opposite side of Holland V, which is Chip Bee Gardens. Before that, I saw Cold Storage. So went in, see see look look. Nothing special and no feel for marketing so off I head to Chip Bee Gardens. Just across the road and I'm there...

Yes... This is Chip Bee Gardens. Residential area too, not just retail and F&B outlets...

Down this stretch of road, you can find restaurants like The Daily Scoop, Da Paolo, The Cheese Shop, Phoon Huat, Lemon Zest and etc... The first shop I saw was Lemon Zest, selling household thingy. Then follow by The Daily Scoop. I think that day they are closed for private function. Saw many people in there, either celebrating baby shower or 1st birthday.

So as I walked along, I snapped down the lovely houses along the street.

And so, I came across those shops that I mentioned earlier.

The Butcher
Visit: http://www.thebutcher.com.sg/
Phoon Huat. Selling baking materials etc.
Visit their website at http://www.phoonhuat.com
Cheese Shop
Lemon Zest
To be frank, I only step into Phoon Huat and Lemon Zest to check out baking stuff. The rest, never. Cos some of the shops, not a single soul patronise. I feel awkward. So just see from the shop window.
And so, finally I can leave this place for my next destination which is 4 stations away (I think so) which is Haw Par Villa.
Before I leave, I went the other corner of Holland V. Saw a balloon shop. Full of different kinds of balloons. OMG! Now you know where you can get lovely balloons for any occasions. And then some cafes. Okay okay!!! Enough of Holland V. Let's head to Haw Par Villa!!!!!!
To be continued... 

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