Loner's Wonderful Day Out - Part Two


Well... U can imagine a lady wondering around the area, cutting across the mini football court, and as she walked along, saw wonderful images that was so pleasing to her...

It seems like a little backyard for those living here. Plants can be seen, residents hanging out their clothes here, a pathway to cut across to the other side. Just a small illustration. Imagine back in the old days, neighbours chatting outside here, gossiping about this and that... So convenience when this so call little backyard between two blocks links the relationship between one another. Cool... Is that how it is back then? Tell me tell me please...

Four storey blocks can be seen here... Population is not at its high but still there are some who are still living here. Quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of city. Eh there is still vehicles driving around in the area but not as many as compared with other places.

From here, this area seems so mini when in front stands blocks of high rise buildings... How long can this area be preserved or will it make way for those demands out there for housing? That's a sad thing if it ever happens.

Snap down every angle of the buildings, just in case there is plans made to the entire area. However the photos turn out to be, is better than nothing. I'm not good in photography but I am into photography. Just that I have not gotten myself a good camera. But soon enough, I will.

And so when you are here, how can you let yourself go off without heading to Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre? No way for me! I must at least have something there. It has been renovated and 1st storey is the dry and wet market and 2nd storey is the food centre. Spacious and alots of stalls. It is like a circle, round you go, choose what you want to have. For me, I was damn hot, sweating all over. I had dessert. Hahahaha...

Had this sea coconut and almond dessert. I like almond pudding but not the sea coconut. Is too sweet... Anyway, I mixed it to lesser the sweetness, but is still sweet with that thingy. But I'm cooler. Yup!

So I go another round and found the chwee kuay stall. Think this is the popular one here with the nicest chai po.

I just show you peeps this photo. I ordered 4 of them at $1.20. When I opened it, it is like overwhelm by chai po. It covers the 4 chwee kuay, on top of it. And is oily. I wonder if the oil comes from chai po but I guess it is. The chwee kuay won't be that oily. I don't believe that. Anyway is nice. Chai po tastes that bits of salty to blend with chwee kuay...

I think it is enough for now. Cos I had a pack of beehoon mee with luncheon meat and fish fillet for breakfast. Oops... It is so fattening but I love it though I never finish that fish fillet because the taste makes me nausea... Hey don't get me wrong. I'm not preggy or what. Maybe is the food itself not fresh. Yucks I hate it!

So I continued my walk out to the main road where The Link Hotel is. It is just opposite of where I am. Before I walk along the main road, saw a new hotel at the junction.
Hotel Nostalgia Singapore, a boutique hotel at Tiong Bahru.  Find out more on this link Hotel Nostalgia Singapore

Okay... I know that you peeps will feel that I am so draggy but I have to stop. I'm tired again. Shall continue Part 3 to end my day out at Tiong Bahru... Stay tune.

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