Taiwan Political scene

Haha... Since last year, I hv lots of interests in Taiwan's political scene. Jus last Sat 12 Jan, President Chen's leading party 民進黨 lost many seats in the Parliament. To my knowledge, they onli manage to get 27 seats... Haha.. Tat is nt reali surprising cos during which before the voting day, his actions have been seen as LC doing. Imagine you r a president of the country, you scold vulgarities... It doesn't reflect a good image of himself. And there is lots more to talk abt President Chen and his family. Quite a funi thing actually. Mani of them b4 the voting day swear that if they cant get the seat in the Parliament, they will jump into the sea la, step down frm their party la tis n tat.. Damn funi... Wonder if tis work in SG anot.. Cos it doesn't work in Taiwan especially for 民進黨. So a big victory for 國民黨 tis time round. So nw everyone is looking forward to the President election in Mar... I watch alot of Taiwan news n talk show in SCV and everyone is criticising President Chen and his party. Shall we have a bet on who wil b the next President of Taiwan??? Damn exciting part lor... 馬英九 or 謝長廷. For nw, we can tell that 馬英九 can win tis President election but u nv know until Mar. Mayb 謝長廷 may win... We nv know... Let jus wait n c ba... Their political scene is jus so messy. Fightin in the parliament... Gosh.. If this happen in SG, I cant imagine wat is next. For nw, few countries are watching.. US and China... Cos China wants back Taiwan. Bt there is some who supported Taiwan independence!!! Haha... My god.. Complicated. Lucky I live in SG. The Republic of Singapore. Clever us for leaving Malaysia. Haha. Lov it! Brunei oso clever... Haha... Yeah... If nt our country wil b in a mess. Cos Malaysia political scene is nt tat gd as SG.. Haha.. Hoorayy!!