Giv it a one last kick!

Haha... Finally I hv come to e last sem for Year 3. Year 4, here I come!!! I wan to faster finish the course.. I m v tired... Tired of everything... Nit a break b4 I start everythin again.. Pass most of my tests for al the modules. Onli fail 1 test for IAF. Arrgghh... Stupid!!! Next Mon is my first exam... Tis wkend I wil study like hell!!!! I dun care la.. V stress wit work n no time to skive. Cos I didn't manage to get sometime to study my tests lor... Hw sia? Shit man! Jus tis Wed, I had my UCCD test. Kaoz.. I nv manage to study finish the tips my lecturer giv n the questions al come out lor... Damn it!!!! F***!!! I dun care le la.. Work mus b aside for my studies... I dunwan to fail n no one wan to fail... Arrrgghhh... WORK N STUDIES STRESS... One person handle e whole division admin thingy!!! Nw I understand y my colleagues so sian n tired cos they r the same as mi... Get little pay bt multi task!!!!! Next year shall reali reward myself wit a good tour aboard!!! I dun care! I die die oso wan! I m willin to spend for tat... Back to work liao... Another stressful day again!