Haha... I was watchin tv yesterday. Bside e tv was those toys display... Saw one Tweety Bird toy... It makes mi tink back those days I work in KFC after my O levels. I stolen tat Tweety Bird.. Hahaa... Cos I noe I can afford bt dun wish to buy it. For e thrill of it, I stole it n luckily, nobody saw it.. Hee.. So bad of mi... Bt tis is nth lei... When I was in Pri sch, I stole my parents money to buy erasers in sch... Hahah... I wana eat lots of food in our sch canteen.. So I tink my pocket money is nt enuff.. So I steal... Kana whack la.. By my dad... I play truant too when I was in Sec sch... My mum cover for mi so my dad duno abt it... Tat was e onli time la... Cos I play truant for mani days... Haiz... Hate it.. I dun wish to... Cos tat time I gt a bf n he is so bad... Die die wan mi to play truant.. Damn it... Bad past!!! I stil gt lots of stupid nonsense... Bt too ashamed to tell.. Cos above is good enuff... A sinner!! Nw I work liao so al tis r gone. Cos I can afford it!!! Those were e days.... Hate it... Stealin days, playin truant, slappin ppl, detention, smokin.... n more n more... I duno mus use hw mani years to wash away al tis sins... Haiz...


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