This is e biggest joke eva happen to my fren... By Citibank... Haha.. Mi n my gal fren signin up for a tour package to Bangkok wit our another fren who works in a tour agency. We suppose to transfer $430.00 each to my fren so that she can pay for us the tour package. Convenience cos dun nit to go dw... So I transfer first. My gal fren later on transfer... Then guess wat? My fren who work in e tour agency rcv mine full sum but rcv frm my gal fren onli $4.30!!! Funi rite? So my gal fren call up Citibank to ask wat has gone wrong... In e end, they tel her tat the transfer was key in wrongly. Instead of $430.00 they transfer $4.30 to my fren... Wat e hell!!! Y a big company like Citibank can make such a mistake. I mus b careful when usin my credit card. Wait I spend onli 20bucks, they charge mi 200bucks... Haha... Stupiest mistake they eva made!!! I jus cant stop laffin when my gal fren told mi tis... Haha... Cos I tink she is shocked too when she hear wat e officer told her over e phone... Haha...


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