Finally is over

My dearest fren Peizhen finally completed her lifetime big thingy wit her husband, Darren. Shall share it soon when I get back al my energy... Bt jus wana share a little secret n I tink is nt a secret cos tink my sec sch frens know and tat is in e weddin dinner, my so called ex was there... Nt some heartless one bt back in my sec sch days. Puppy love... Haha.... He is e one on the right (in light purple shirt). He change alot. Bt one thing nv change is, like to disturb others as usual... He is younger than mi though we r born in the same year... Hee.... Tru out e dinner, all his n my another guy fren (beside him)'s nonsense... Taken some photos wit them too cos I duno when I wil c them again. Mayb the other one in e pic wil stil c him somehow in near future cos he live jus a busstop away frm mi.. Haha... I wish them al e best... Hope to c both of them get married soon!!!!! Haha...


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