Irritating Buggers

Since the starting of Jan 2008, I hv received calls from some idiots who call my mobile at wee hours... Kaoz.. Last wk, I encounter one who call mi early in the mornin at 6am plus... Kaoz.. I thot my alarm alert and damn it! Is duno which idiot call mi and I nv return a call cos I duno who is tat. Mobile no. is 9273 2716, the call was made on 3 Jan 2008 at 6.11am. Kaoz... Then jus last nite, I was sleeping soundly, another phone call at 1.47am on 8 Jan 2008, tat means today!!!!! Shit lor... Somemore is private no. Kaoz.. I warnin tat particular person who wan to play prank calls. YOU EAT FINISH NOTHIN BETA TO DO THEN MAY AS WELL GO N DIE BETA!!! KAOZ... OR GO F*** YR MOTHER OSO CAN!!!! DAMN IT!