Lynn's Birthday Eve

Last nite, went IMM Swensen to mit my fren for dinner after work. Hmm.. was rushin lor cos i rch Jurong East quite early but have to get my things done. Buy receipt book, a music CD for her as bday present. Cos tink she sometimes quite stress, mayb e music CD can help her relax abit. Then rush to NTUC to grab voucher for my gal fren's hse warmin today. Hee.. tink tis voucher is more practical for her. She v thrifty ba. Tink she onli buy wat she tinks is worth lifetime. Haha... Then walk as fast as I can to IMM. Kaoz... panting sia... When I rch, she is in the q. Bt nt long, we are seated in there. Had a wonderful meal. Yummy... Sad to say, tis is my v first time hvin clam chowder soup. Haha... not bad lor. Quite nice... THanks to her recommendation. Hee.. I had fish & chips and she had breaded chic. Yummy lov it.... After dinner we went Daiso walk ard, grab my things and head home. Walk wit her to her bro hse area then I walk 2 busstops ahead b4 I took bus 333 home. Haha.. Hope she like e CD I bought her.

Last but not least, I like to wish my gal fren, Lynn a Happy Virgo Birthday!!! Yeah....

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