Hmm... On Mon(8/8), I went to e Concert By E Bay wit my frens.. Cos I gt tic to e priority area. Haha.. Win it frm Yes933... Reali happenin.. Told u le, wit K One at e concert is sure eye openin... After F.I.R performance, is Jungiery Stars. Though onli K One & 183 Club came for tis concert, u stil can c so mani supporters. Yeah.. When Faye (lead singer of F.I.R) announce e next performance by Jungiery Stars, I was so high tat I scream to e top of my voice. So excited lor. Cos on Sun, I jus went to K One autograph session n nw I gt to c them again... Wow.. when they came out, u can hear e screamin n al banners up.. Haha.. steady rite? K One is so powerful. Love them e best... They sang 4 songs, al frm their latest album. So high!! I keep screamin lor.. Cos of KIDO!!! Haha... Love him so much.. Wont forget tat autograph session. Then after K One, is 183 Club. Oso lots of supporters. Then again e last song for their performance, they invite K One out again to sing their new song frm their 偶像剧王子变青蛙. So best. Then is countin dw to National Day.. Al artises r invited out. Our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Long came out. 12mn, e fireworks start for 15mins. Nt tat nice actually. Hee.. then went home lor. So mani ppl. We manage to squeeze into e bus n oso board e train. Haha... Too hapi le la... Finally I gt to feel hw concert is... Tis my v first outdoor concert. Love it. Especially on tis occasion n oso havin my fav idol to perform too... Haiz.. Then e next day, my performance liao. I was late bt nt tat late lar.. Everyone change liao, some hairdo, some makeup liao... 5plus we reach Heartland Tampines.. So bloody mani ppl. Wow.. at e backstage, we saw Michelle Chia who is one of e host for nite. Haha.. my fellow dancers went to take pic wit her. She is real beauty. Tall too. Wow.. Oso saw Guo Liang n Weng Qing Hai... Is our turn to perform le. Shit.. gt some steps wrong, hope nobody saw it. Haha.. bt our performance nt on tv lei.. Instead is e Bollywood dance appear on tv. Oso frm Soka la. U knoe y? Cos gt e stupid bimbo Fiona Xie la.. Dun like tis bimbo... Hate her.. Haiz.. finally is a relieve nw. Everythin is over n I can concentrate on my studies le... Hee... 加油!!!


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