Hmm... U guess? Tues, I win 4 tic to 8 Aug concert tru Yes933. Haha... so happy u knoe. First time goin to concert n oso gt to c my idol K ONE!!! Perfect rite? I reali wan to faint le.. I jus cant believe it. Then e same nite, a IC frm Soka call mi n arrange mi for a Sun audition for the singing competition. Perfect rite? OMG... I jus cant believe... Two lucky things happen. Bt for audition, I gt a prblm gettin e ktv version. Haiz.. Tryin my best to find it by tis Sun. Then for e concert tic, I'm tinkin of a reason to giv my boss for leaving early frm office. I m tinkin of al sort of stupid reasons to giv. I tink use my grandma as e reason le lor. U knoe wat? My grandma passed away so long le when I was 10 yrs old. Sori Grandma! I nit to use u to get a excuse. I'm so sori. U noe I love u alot since young when I live wit u. Bless mi, Grandma.. Haiz.. v unfillial.. Jus tis once. No more le. I wont wan to do anythin stupid anymore. I wont. I'm so high lei.. Gt to c my idols soon.. Tis Sun after my audition, I wil go straight to Bishan for their autograph session. Perfect man.. I love to c them in person... Tis few days rushin for project lei.. The skit hor.. my role is Ah Lian lei.. Wah lau.. Frm last time til nw, I m always e Ah Lian in my friend's heart. *sad* Haha..Nvm. I can play my role well. Hope tml presentation wil go smoothly. Pray to God!!! Gambade Yunming aka Stella!!