Happiest Day

1st of al, I would like to share wit u my happiest moment. Today I went to K One's autograph session at Bishan J8. When I reach there, areadi e q is so long le. I nv q. I went to level 3 n wait there for quite long. They let those who q downstairs go in first. Bt I m patient enuff to wait there. Time to go in, bt they say let those wit their latest album in first. I dunwan to wait so I jus tel them I buy inside. Then they let mi in. So mani ppl. Haha.. Damn high. Waited for v long, they r finally here. OMG.. they r so handsome k? No one can compare wit them. Gino's hair has grown alot liao. So shuai lor. I reali wan to faint le. Then after they sing 3 songs, autograph session start. I quickly went to q up liao. OMG, I waited for so long lei. When I'm nearly e stage, I was damn high. When I step on e stage,e feelin is hard to describe le. E 1st to sign for mi is Darren, follow by JR, Gino, Li Yang then last one is my fav, KIDO!!! One by one they sign, I jus say '加油'to each of them. Then when last came to KIDO, I cant help it man. I reali wan faint le. He is e onli one who say to mi:谢谢。我会加油的 after I say to him 加油. And he is e onli one I wan shake hand wit. OMG.. I gt to shake hand wit my fav one. I reali damn high. I wont forget tat moment n wat he reply to mi. Tis is my greatest moment in life. OMG!!! U wil tink I m too exaggerating le bt is reali my unforgettable moment. D other 4 is stil ok lor.. Al of them r SHUAI!!! Reali lor.. So close can c them so good lei!!! Gino like no smile lei.. Mayb sign until v tired le. Bt tis e onli session in SG, so I hope they b hapi tat so much ppl supportin them in SG. Reali too hapi le la. Tat album I wil sure keep properly. Cos is goin to b my beloved album sign by K One. Next, if Toro n Typhoon is comin, I wil go too. I wan to support Toro... Hope he comin to SG soon wit Wei Xiao n Xiao Chun...


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