K One is Coming!!!!勇敢去爱

Yeah... my idol is coming le. So happy! Though I duno whether I can make it for their autograph session anot, bt I wil try my best. I wish to c them in person. Wow.. tat wil b my dream man... I nv go autograph session one.. Tis yr is my first time lei.. I did go b4 bt is 5566 & F.I.R at IMM tis yr. Nv let them sign album la.. Tis time I wan my K One to sign. Haha.. waiting for Typhoon to come too... I wil go crazi cos of Toro!!! My fav lei.. Kido is oso my fav... Yeah... Hopin to c them soon. Pray hard tat I can make it although I gt a tight schedule.. Haiz.. Hope la hor...National Day I gt my performance too... Tired.