Relieve sia...

So relieve.. Down wit one project bt v disappointed. E whole project is jus sucks. Last min print out, nv bind, nt colour print. Presentation like sucks.. Haiz.. I tink I beta study hard for my CA 2 & exam le lar.. If nt tis project, sure pull dw my marks.. Cos of somebody lar.. Tink he contribute alot lor.. Then al marks go to him lar.. Dun talk le.. Nw left one project, I v relieve le. Haha.. Yesterday I went off early for work to go Mediacorp get my tic I won from Yes933 to go to e Concert By E Bay on 8 Aug... OMG... I get to c my K One le... Wow... first time go Mediacorp recept. So nice lei.. Best ar.. Nv knoe tat Mediacorp is surrounded by bungalows lei.. Haha.. I knoe where they always hv their shootin at le.. Definitely those houses.. I m goin to giv a miss for their autograph session tml at Bishan cos my dance trainin more impt lar. Haiz.. Nvm. Can hear them on air on e same day at Yes933 n c them at concert I v hapi le.. Haha.. Tml audition le.. I like nv prepare lei.. Siao liao.. Go there make a fool of myself le lor... Haiz.. Nvm jus giv it a shot. V lucky to go for audition le. So I wont giv up tis chance. My performance is nearing.. Our item is at 6pm. Haha.. duno wil get to c on tv anot. I ask my mum to record e NDP liao. Hmm... after tis performance I can concentrate on studies le. If I can get in the competition, I oso nit to prepare for it le.. Choose a beta song to sing.. Haha..


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